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:: Playing God :: by dreamylittlethings

This is a beautiful piece of art; it has it's own aura of energy radiating from the posture of the hand, which emanates a feeling of ba...

Rapidflash by Wooden-Flashlight

First of all, the anatomy is well done. I can imagine where each part of the vehicle goes while he is in protoform with a simple look. ...


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My gallery! Full of Transformers, Sega and Soul Eater! Please take a look, I guarantee you wont regret doing so!!! :please:
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Mariana Landeros
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United States
Hey! Hi to all new or old...lets get this intro over with, shall we? FYI: Hablo espanol tambien. :)

My name is Mariana, but everyone calls Mana. I am a die hard fan of Transformers; loyal 'Con, of course and I love to draw those amazing robots in disguise.
Now, a little more about me....
Im 15 years old(but who cares, y'know?) and if i could describe myself in a couple of words it would be: reserved, compassionate, loyal and ambiguous.
I have a very colorful mind but am rather hesitant to share it...I am not what you might call a popular social butterfly, but i do enjoy meeting new people. I also have a tendacy to forget things...
I have a passion for art and am currently residing upon having a career in the colorful world of either a graphic designer or an artist.
I have a little of Orion Pax in me(I have a thirst for knowledge and tend to ask a lot of questions, unfortunately for me...) so be prepared to be bombarded with questions at times. :D
I am an athlete and play all of the sports excluding hockey and golf(if that even counts as a sport).
Above all, I am open to anyone and am glad to respond to anything, whether it be a critique or a compliment, and normally try to be good natured about either.
And most importantly, Transformers are my life. I live breathe and think transformers(literally). Im still a newb when it comes to drawing but Ill probably get better..with time. Or never. Whichever comes first.
Thanks for visiting my profile!

Now some in depth information bout my preferences....
You say Optimus Prime
I say Megatron
You say Autobot
I say Decepticon
You say Peace
I say Destruction
You say Protect and Serve
I say Punish and Enslave
Put this on your page if you are a true 

|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l |^^^^^^^^^^^^| l
[ AUTOBOTS________ | | ROLL OUT 2 OBLIVION| |”"”;..,__.
[……________===== | l______________l _| |__|…, ] _|
“(@)’(@)”""""""""""*l'(@)l'(@)l """""""""""""(@)'(@)""""'(@)


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Who's excited for the Captain America Civil War event coming up in May of next year? 
Just saw the trailer and I am very excited. I've read the comic series and am expecting so much from MCU. :)


  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Si deus me relinquet
  • Reading: Civil War
  • Watching: Red vs Blue Season 13
  • Playing: Griffball
  • Eating: Arroz con leche w/ antibiotics
  • Drinking: Nada
Who's excited for the Captain America Civil War event coming up in May of next year? 
Just saw the trailer and I am very excited. I've read the comic series and am expecting so much from MCU. :)
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Words really don't do much, especially when you're on the other side of the world. However, I bet victims' families from the Paris attacks really appreciate seeing that the rest of the world is aware of their pain. 

We're a global society and what happens in one sector of the world should affect the rest of it. I don't have any relatives in Paris but my french teacher was there...and thankfully, she's safe but you can imagine what is must've been like to be racked with such a sense of insecurity in a city that she has come to love so dearly since childhood. 

At the very least, we can offer prayers to those who have been affected by this terrible event but most importantly, we should look at ourselves and try to view this as a moment of utlilizing our sense of self awareness. It's sickening to see that individuals are capable of doing such atrocious acts to their own kind, so we should attempt to wrong any wrongs we have done and try to be better humans for the sake of all of humanity, especially those around us that we hold dear. 
"Did you have a good recharge?"

Climaxx smiled halfheartedly when Aura gave a small shake of her helm, rubbing her optics with her small servos, a noisy yawn escaping her. The small creation was sitting on the edge of their shared berth, obviously not pleased that her femme creator had chosen to wake her up so early in the solar cycle. 

Sighing, Climaxx gently lifted Aura off the berth and placed her on the floor, keeping a firm grasp on her arm to make sure she didn't sway or fall over. The creation took a few uneasy steps but managed to keep herself upright and she softly wiggled out of Climaxx's grasp. 

"I'm fine," Aura breathed, glancing up at her femme creator. "I promise."

Climaxx nodded, retreating her servos hastily. "I know, Aura." She pursed her lips and gestured towards the small desk in the corner of the room, on top of whom lay several neatly stacked datapads. "Hurry up and get your things together. I'll go downstairs and fix up a nice batch of fresh Energon for you."

Aura didn't look at her when she brushed past Climaxx to get her things, but she did manage to give a small nod in response. An uneasy silence filled the room and Climaxx took the opportunity to exit, a small sigh of relief escaping her once the door safely placed a solid barrier between the two of them. The hallway was dark but Climaxx could see a small glow of light near the stairs and a few murmuring voices drifted lightly up towards her.

She pinched the bridge of her noseplate. Seemed as if Axel was already awake. Hopefully he wasn't in the mood to talk today; Climaxx sure as slag wasn't feeling like talking to anyone. It was bad enough that she had to get up so early and go over to the Hydrax Speedway to get a headstart on the cataloging of their meticulous records but Aura had a late start at the Academy and Axel was unable to babysit because he was booked at his autoshop so Climaxx had to drag her along with her for the first half of the cycle.

It certainly wasn't a promising start of a solar cycle but as the humans liked to say, she just had to deal with it. 

Climaxx wasn't quiet as she made her way down the stairs into the small living room so it wasn't much of a surprise when Axel glanced up from the daily news to give her a friendly nod in greeting. She returned it tersely, rolling her optics discreetly as she headed over towards the large cooling unit in the kitchen and took out a large cube of High Grade and a smaller cube of Energon, both of which she opened and placed on opposing ends of the table in the dining room. 

She slid into her seat and began to noisily sip her drink, closing her optics in an attempt to enjoy the alcoholic imbibe. Axel cast a few glances at her, his optics discreetly looking at her from atop the datapad he was currently reading. 

Raising an optic ridge, he asked, "I take it it's one of those cycles again, eh, Climaxx?"

Climaxx smiled, rubbing her temple and opening her optics to gaze at her old friend. "Is it that obvious?"

Axel shrugged, "To me it is. I've known you for a long time, Maxx. I've learned to notice the signs of distress." His amusement immediately turned into concern and he placed his datapad down, reaching over the small table to lay a servo over Climaxx's arm. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really." She replied, a small sigh escaping her. "I mean, talking doesn't really help in these type of situations." A small patter was heard from behind them and both bots turned to gaze at Aura who had been making her way hesitantly towards them, fearful of interrupting their conversation. Axel's optics brightened upon seeing her and he rose from his seat, a large grin on his faceplates. "Hey, kid. How are you this solar cycle?"

Aura was better than her femme creator at putting on facades and her faceplates adopted an almost endearing smile. "I'm just great, Axel. Never better." She cast a small look at Climaxx as she embraced the mech and when the two femmes' gazes met, Climaxx could see a small look of sadness lingering in her daughter's blue depths. The sight caused a small pain to erupt in her Spark and before she knew it, Climaxx stood up from the table and briskly walked out of the room, stepping through the large doors that lead towards the balcony of the small compartment.

Axel cast a knowing glance at the departing femme but turned to smile at the youngling. "Aura. Take your Energon and then go to the lower section, into my autoshop. I'll have Qui come pick you up."

Aura, her blue optics shining with a mysterious sense of understanding, nodded once and made her way to her seat on the table. She quietly sipped her Energon, blowing on the hot cube until it was cool enough to drink.

Satisfied, Axel went after Climaxx, making sure to shut the balcony door shut behind him as quietly as possible. Climaxx was resting against the fence near the edge, gazing at the golden expanse of what was Velocitron. The winding roads stretched on all over the surface, small monochromatic lights indicating the buzz of life beneath them. The planet star glowed in the sky, casting a reddish glow that made the planet look like a dream.

"It's very comforting, isn't it?"

Climaxx shrugged, "I've seen better."

Chuckling Axel came to stand beside the femme, crossing his arms and resting them against the edge of the fence that lined the balcony. "I agree. The Helix Gardens on Cybertron offered a more tranquil panorama, if I may be so bold." His optics softened, "I miss it sometimes."

The femme was silent for a moment and then she let out a heavy sigh. "I do too. I miss everything so much."

Axel nodded, sympathetic. "I grew up on Velocitron but the heavy paced really wasn't my thing, that's why I left for Cybertron. Even though it's not my real home, I never felt more comfortable in Iacon. The bots were so eager to start conversations and my clients didn't mind a good chat as I fixed their cooling systems or rotated their gear shifts." He paused, "You brought quite the variety of clientele to my shop."

Nodding, Climaxx smiled. "It's not my fault, y'know."

Taken back by her tone, Axel cocked his helm in inquiry. "What isn't?"

The femme turned to look at him, her gold optics wide and brimming with emotion. "I didn't ask for Aura, Axel. She just...she just came out of the blue. When I found out, I thought I should have been elated but it turns out that I felt nothing for her. Even as she grew up and I built her new frames, I can't recall feeling anything that resembles joy...only compromise." She shook her helm, "Silverwing would be so ashamed of me if he found out. I bet that if it were him in my pedes, he would give this youngling all the love in the world."

Axel allowed her info to sink in and when Climaxx returned her attention to the panorama, he finally spoke. "Silverwing would never be ashamed of you, Climaxx."

"Hmph. You sound so sure. You never even met him." 

"True, but I know where he's coming from." Ignoring Climaxx's shocked glance, Axel continued. "There was a time when I imagined us like that, Climaxx. Standing on the balcony of our own compartment, a couple younglings inside, playing around and getting ready for their trip to the Academy. We'd go through that routine everyday, to the point where our children would be going off into the world to start their careers, grown up and ready to take on anything that came their way." He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment, "Point is, you're capable of so much, Climaxx and yet you never give yourself enough credit." His optics narrowed and his gaze hardened, "YOu sayy ou don't feel anything for Aura and yet, there you are, making sure she gets everything she needs.

"I know a good femme creator when I see one, Climaxx and trust me, you're a helluva good one."

Climaxx listened intently and then a small embarrased smile came upon her lips, her cheeks getting slightly blue. "Did you really feel that way for me once, Axel?" She gazed at him intently, her interest piqued. 

Axel nodded, "I still do, Maxxie. To be honest, ever since you came in with Euro and your rag tag little family unit into my shop all those vorns ago, I began to feel a little envious. I saw how close you were with Euroscope and began to realize how much I wanted to be beside you. But we were never meant to be, regardless how much I wished for it."

Climaxx lowered her gaze, "Are you sure?" She took a small step towards him, her arms brushing against his. She slowly lifted her helm to stare into his optics, and there was an intensity in her gaze that made the mech a little uneasy. However, he could see that despite everything that there was in her optics, love wasn't something that he could see very clearly. 

"Climaxx." Letting a small sigh escape him, Axel placed a servo on her shoulder and took a small step back, causing Climaxx to bite her lip and duck her helm in shame. "Sorry," She breathed. "That was stupid."

"No it wasn't." Axel placed a finger under her chin and raised her helm up until their optics met once more. "You're only a sentient being. You're young and yet you've been charged with so many things to carry on your shoulders. Several teams during a war, a bondmate, a family unit and now a youngling. You're strong but're not strong enough to hold the weight of all of these things. You need to stop trying to do everything by yourself, Climaxx. You're not alone. You've never been alone." He placed a servo on her cheekplate, smiling lightly. "I may not be Aura's mech creator, but I don't need to be in order to love her and take care of her. As long as you're here, Maxxie, I'll give Aura my very best."

"Thank you..." Climaxx breathed but Axel stopped her before she could continue. "However, you need to do your part. Aura is your daughter. You need to make sure you give her everything and more." His optics glistened sadly, "I know you're suffering but imagine how she's feeling. She's lost her father before she was even sparked and now her femme creator is pushing her away. Perhaps Aura was unplanned and perhaps she would have been better off somewhere else but she's here now and you can't change that fact."

Climaxx's optics darkened. "I don't want to. I just wish... I just wish that Silverwing were here with me right now. He was always the one who was best with kids, I feel so awkward sometimes."

Axel pursed his lips. "But he's not, Climaxx. Silverwing is dead and you have to accept that fact if you want to move on. Don't let his sacrifice be in vain."

There it was again. That word.


It left a tart taste in her mouth and Climaxx swallowed roughly, hating it with such irrevocable abhorrence. Silverwing wouldn't be dead if it hadn't been for that mech, she thought internally, suddenly recalling that fateful solar cycle. Her servos clenched into fists at her side. If it hadn't been for Argyrus, Silverwing would still be here with me. With us.

Her mind wandered to her bondmate's murderer and Climaxx felt a growing desire for vengence burning deep within her Spark. That mech was still alive, somewhere in the galaxy. Climaxx had been keeping tabs on him ever since the war ended and when he had been captured and incarcerated in New Polyhex, she put in a word so she was informed if he was ever transported. Not too long after, she recieved word that he had been taken into Povian space, into the Garrus-9 citadel on Pova. 

He was still here, no doubt about it. Even if a civil war had raged on that planet a few vorns ago, G-9 would be the place he would remain at. Argyrus was that kind of bot. 

A strange sense of glee went through Climaxx upon remembering and she narrowed her optics. What would SIlverwing do if he were in her place. She closed her optics, trying to recall.

I'd kick his tailpipe into the next orbit. 

Her optics snapped open. Silverwing's voice had been so near, so clear, that she could have sworn he said them right at her audioreceptor. Axel gazed at her strangely, as if she had sprouted an extra optic on her forehead. "Climaxx?"

Climaxx blinked, "Can I ask you for a favor, Axel?"

Axel nodded, "Sure. Sure....but it depends on what it is."

Without hesitating, Climaxx replied. "Can you take care of Aura for me, for a few solar cycles?"

The mech narrowed his optics. "Hey, when I told you to take care of Aura, I didn't mean dumping her on me. I swear to Primus, Climaxx if you're even thinking about eloping..."

"I'm not running away, Axel. I'm...trying to find answers. When I left Euro and the others on Cybertron, I thought coming here would give me a small semblance of peace. However, I've come to realize that I was doing just that. If I want to be content, I have to find answers."

Axel shook his helm, "Answers to what, Climaxx?"

Climaxx's voice was unwavering in ferocity, "To everything."

The mech raised an optic ridge, "Very specific, Climaxx. Can I ask you something?"


"What if you don't find answers to what you're searching for? What if you realize that there are only questions and no answers. What will you do then?" He placed both of his servos on her shoulders, "What then?"

A small silence stretched on between them and Climaxx broke it by scoffing lightly, "I'll find what I'm looking for. I always do." She smiled but without any humor. "What kind of cultural investigator would I be if I didn't?"

Axel stared at her with sad optics, his jaw tightening as he withheld words that probably would have ruined the conversation. Instead, he let out a deep sigh, closing his optics briefly before looking into the optics of the femme. He pulled Climaxx towards him, his arms wrapping themselves around her shoulders and chin coming to rest on the top of her helm. Climaxx smiled lightly and returned his gesture, pressing her helm tightly against his chestplate. His Spark thudded strongly and for a moment Climaxx was reminded of her last embrace with Silverwing but before she could allow herself to venture further into that memory, she pulled away from Axel but kept a servo firmly planted on his shoulder. 

"We'll see each other again, Axel. I promise." Her servo lowered and she took a couple steps backwards.

She turned to leave but before she could even take on step, Axel gently called out. "Are you going to tell Aura or are you going to leave without saying anything?"

Climaxx hesitated then she sighed and shook her helm. "Qui already picked her up, Axel. I heard you when you called him. I'm not going to wait for her to come home because I don't know what to say to her." She paused, "Just tell her that I'll come back in a while. She'll understand."

"You seem so sure."

Climaxx smiled. "Aura is a lot like her father, Axel. You don't need to give her much of an explanation. Just tell her that I went to find some answers and that I'll be back. Also, tell her that I love her." She said nothing else when she exited and Axel stared wistfully at the closing door, his faceplates crestfallen. He could vaguely hear Climaxx's ship engine rumbling as it fired up in his autoshop and the floor rumbled as the takeoff sequence initiated.

Axel glanced up at the sky and he could see the ebony paint of the Voyager glint in the light of the planet star before jettisoning into space. A brisk wind blew in his faceplates, stinging his optics. Blinking, he shook his helm and made his way into the compartment, which was now eerily quiet thanks to the departure of his two companions. 

The datapad on the table buzzed and he reached for it, reaching over the empty cube that Aura left to get it. He quickly exited the news section and opened up the communication line, an optic ridge raising when he realized that it was from Qui.

Stopped by Jex's Pub to get Aura a Energon treat. She's going to be a little late to the Academy. Sorry about that.

Axel rolled his optics and quickly typed in a reply, forgiving Qui for his lack of attention to time. 

The datapad beeped almost immediately and Axel frowned wondering how Qui learned to type so quickly. However, when he opened the message, he saw that it wasn't from Qui. 

It was from Climaxx.

You didn't wish me luck. She wrote, and Axel could imagine her smiling coyly at her accusation.

Axel grimaced, not amused. 

The datapad beeped again. 


Axel's grimaced faltered and he stared at the datapad in exasperation. He quickly typed in a short reply.

I don't have to. 

The datapad was silent for a few nanokliks and then Climaxx wrote.


Axel smiled.

You don't need it.

Climaxx seemed to catch on and she didn't reply anymore and Axel knew it wasn't because the reception in Velocitron's atmosphere had jammed their communication signal. Axel set the datapad down on the table and walked over to the adjacent living room area, settling down onto the couch in front of the monitor screen. He cast a quick glance at the time before picking up the remote and turning the screen on.

He had a couple megacycles until the shop was due to be open. 

Sighing, he nestled into the firm metal seat and scanned through the channels, settling on watching a newscaster droning on about how Override was planning on expanding the Spacebridge system to Cybertronian airspace as a way of helping their sister planet recover from the previous civil war. Axel narrowed his optics as Override came on screen, the leader looking exceedingly confident as she spoke.

"Cybertron has moved past it's time of war and I believe expanding our airspace into theirs is the most logical thing to do. The chief engineer of the project has presented the blueprints to me in a previous meeting and I feel that this is an opportunity to increase the social and economic sections of our planet. Cybertron is rekindling bonds with Gigation and Yuss and that opens up more opportunities to gain more economic revenue."

A fembot, a reporter by the tone of her voice, asked offscreen, "Override. Velocitron and Cybertron have had a rough history in the past eons; wars and disputes over airspace have dominated the history books for millenium. Why are you offering to open up diplomatic relations now?"

Overrride paused, taking time to absorb the information. Then she smiled and calmly replied, "The High Council is dead and with them most of the problems of the past. The current representative of Cybertron is doing a fine job at bringing the populations back together that existed during it's golden age. If I may be so bold, I would say that this age is shining brighter than any other. Sure, it is not without it's faults and many bots have much to answer to but Cybertronians have proven to be very resilient. The rep has assured me that things are coming along progressively."

The fembot quickly asked, "Who is this representative that you speak so fondly of, Override?"

Override blinked, "His designation is Euroscope."

Axel felt a smile blossom on his lips and he turned his helm, about to call Climaxx's name to tell her the news. But then he remembered that Climaxx had left and he instead let out a sigh, turning his attention back to the monitor screen. He raised up the volume and rest his helm on the back of the couch, his optics drooping with recharge.

The interview ended and news of an upcoming race took the spotlight but as the antsy reporter began to announce the event, Axel was soon fast asleep, exhausted after the events that transpired during the morning.
And So It Goes
Just a quick skit I did between Climaxx and Axel. I felt it was good to explore Climaxx's character and try to see her logic on how she deals with certain situations. Axel is one of my favorite OC's. He's always there for everyone in need, he keeps his emotions in check when needed and despite never being a parental figure, he always finds the way to deal with every type of bot that comes his way. 

Regardless, enjoy.

Axel, Climaxx, Aura, Euroscope, Qui, Silverwing, Argyrus, belong to moi.

Override, Velocitron and Cybertron belong to their rightful owners which is not me. 
It's hard to say everything I feel about you in just a few short words.

There is no way I could say how much joy you've brought me, how much much hope you have given me in the small amount of time we were together. 

But I guess I have to try.

For both our sakes.

You see, we have a bond that can never be broken. There are so few that reach such a level of euphoria, of synchronization, that it is considered to be almost impossible and implausible for us to share such a connection. But I know we have reached it. 

Thank Primus, we have reached it.

Even as you slipped away, like Energon through my fingers, I could still feel your presence inside of me; you soothed my wounds and dried my tears and comforted me with the words of encouragement. You whispered your love for me, faintly, but surely.

Its alright, you say, everything is alright. Even with death looming over us, you still have the energy to crack a smile, to jester and tease the circumstances that brought us together...

It's difficult for me to say goodbye, to give up on the being who never let me down and gave me something to fight for in this world's time for me for move on.

I know that now.

I have to let order to continue on forward. I've seen firsthand with Hydrau how much clinging to the cobwebs of our past injures our minds and Sparks and I don't want to follow in the last few footsteps that led the way towards death.

Silverwing, I know I should have said this while your Spark was still beating...but you know me, I never was the sensitive type. I probably would've stuttered like an idiot and gone mute with embarrassment. You would have laughed at me and I would have gotten up and stalked away, initiating another pointless argument. I wring my servos on imagining; it's funny how much I wish to be caught in the middle of one of those again. I miss your illogical explanations and the sound of your voice as you tried to convince me of your inane innocence. I miss your bright blue optics, your uneasy smiles...

Humans have this strange but seemingly appealing philosophy. You remember what I told you about humans, right? The small organic squishies that live on that big blue planet. Earth, is what they call it. They believe in the fact that if you love someone strong enough, you can always carry an essence of them in your Spark.

I found it odd at first but now, I guess I understand them.

I believe in the fact that your Spark is reunited with Primus and due to that, you're still here on Cybertron...with me...with all of us. I can feel you here with me. As I stand here, in the midst of what used to be Maccadam's Old Oil House, reminiscing in the first time that we actually met, I can feel your presence lingering.

You're tapping my shoulder again, begging for attention, like a young Sparkling whose been denied treats for far too long.

But I don't glance over my shoulder this time. I'm afraid that if I do, I'll see that mischievous glint in your optics again and then this message will really be for naught.

No. All I do is place my servo over my shoulder and smile. I calmly glance up at the sky and a warm feeling invades my Spark, tugging at the edges, begging to be noticed. It's one I've never felt before in a long long time. It's not quite a feeling of peace or a semblance of tranquility....

I'm content. Despite all that I've lived through, everything I've had to endure, I can't imagine trading anything else in the world for it. I lost my family unit but gained two brothers. I lost several friends but gained others that manage to refill the gaping holes in my Spark. I met you, 'Wing and I learned just how important it is to let others in. To allow myself to be loved and to allow myself to love again after so much loss.

Heh. I guess all I'm trying to say is....thank you.

Thank you for being so slaggin' stubborn. If it hadn't been for your dedication, Primus knows how things would have gotten along. Thank you so much for being you, for being that charismatic, cocky, egotistical mech that managed to show me that special side of life that I would have otherwise remained oblivious to if not for you.

I remember when your name was just another name that rolled without thought off my tongue. Now, I can’t look at your name without an abundance of sentiment attached to each letter. Your name, which I played with so carelessly in the past, so easily, has somehow become sacred to my lips.

A name I won’t throw around lightheartedly or repeat without deep thought.

Did you know I always thought you were braver than me? Did you ever guess that that was why I was so afraid? It wasn't that I only loved some of you. But I wondered if you could ever love more than some of me. Just a thought I'd like to throw in, before I conclude this.

Don't worry about me, 'Wing. I know I'll be fine. I'm saying goodbye, but I am not letting you go. We'll see each other again. Next time we meet, though, will definitely be forever.

We both just have to wait a little while longer.

That doesn't seem to so bad now, does it?
In Just A Few Words
Yeah, just a quick write up I've had in stash for a while that needed to be finalized.

I really need to get a bit more creative with what I write. Emotional sappy stuff is quickly starting to become my trademark. However, in my defense, it's hard to be so jubilant when you're writing about your TF OCs. They live pretty darn hard lifespans, if you ask me.

Regardless, enjoy.


Climaxx and Silverwing~Me
"How's she holding up?"

Overhaul glanced down at his pedes, his optic ridges furrowing in response. "It depends on your retrospect. Physically, she should be making a tedious but sure recovery. Mentally, however, I believe we can all guess how she's holding up."

The olden medic was standing in front of the door of the room in which Euroscope and Jumpdrive recently found themselves housed in. Overhaul wasn't particularly surprised by the mess the two brothers were sitting amongst; in truth, he expected it. Euroscope and Jumpdrive had the habit of fighting over the most minuscule things and their feuds usually led to the destruction of their environment. Afterwards, they would sit in silence amongst the aftermath, instituting a silent truce of peace. 

Euroscope and Jumpdrive had forgotten their dissension once Overhaul made his way into their presence; they rose to their pedes and immediately began to inquire on the condition of their sister bond. Overhaul wished he had agreeable answers to satisfy them but unfortunately, the condition they found themselves in were less than agreeable.

Euroscope lowered his helm upon hearing Overhaul's answer and Jumpdrive fell back onto the cot, his arms crossing over his chest.

"So she knows then," Euroscope said softly, raising his gaze towards the medic. "About everything."

Overhaul let out a small sigh, "Yes." His optics clouded, "She knew all along."

The silver mech let out a dreary sigh, "How did she react when she awoke?"

"She didn't utter a word until we brought up Silverwing. But even then, her responses were never more than a couple word sentences." Overhaul paused, "To be honest, she reacted a whole better than I anticipated. But still, her lack of explicit reaction worries me. All I can do is assume what she is feeling and that inhibits me from aiding her."

Upon hearing those words, Jumpdrive's helm snapped up and it did not escape Overhaul's notice that his optics were alight with a sense of knowingness. Euroscope seemed to detect his brother bond's reaction and he turned his helm to stare at him from the corner of his optics, his optic ridges raised in apprehension.

Overhaul mimicked his reaction, "What's wrong, Jumpdrive?"

The scarlet speedster didn't hesitate in replying, "Can we see her?" He paused, "Can we see Climaxx?"

Euroscope's optics widened briefly but he turned to stare at Overhaul, his optics indicating that he was in par with Jumpdrive's train of thought. 

The medic pursed his lip components, his arms crossing over his chassis. His aged faceplates adopted a look of deep consideration and he let out a small sigh. "I'm not sure if that is the best idea."

Jumpdrive frowned, "But you just said that you have no idea how she's feeling. If you let the both of us talk to her, maybe we can help her. We know her better than anyone else."

Overhaul shook his helm, "I'm not sure that's a good idea, Jumpdrive."

Euroscope grimaced, "Why not?"

"Because we don't know how she's going to react." Overhaul's voice was beginning to grow harsh, as if he were striving to not simply chasten the two bots for their insubordination. "The loss of a bondmate is one of the most traumatizing experiences a bot can ever suffer in their lifetime. It debilitates all parts of a Transformer's being. Their body, their mind, their Spark, the damage that each component suffers is vast and it can break them in ways that science simply can't comprehend." He swallowed roughly, "You two will trigger many memories and I simply can't calculate how she'll react when you do. Please, try to understand...I'm not doing this out of spite, I simply want to protect Climaxx. If-"

"I'll go." 

All optics turned to stare at Euroscope, who had dutifully interrupted the medic's lengthy explanation. Overhaul furrowed his optic ridges, "Didn't you listen to anything I said-"

The silver mech nodded, "Yes, I did. But there's one thing you forgot to take into consideration." Euroscope pointed at his chest with his thumb, "Jumpdrive and I have lost many bonds in our lifetime. We know the pain and we know the risks." Jumpdrive nodded once, acknowledging his brother's assertion. 

Euroscope continued, "I can understand your worries, Overhaul, however, we both know that I should be the one who should talk to Climaxx. I'm the only one who understands her pain...and possibly the only one who can help her through this."

Jumpdrive looked ready to retort but he managed to keep his mouth shut. He knew that what Euroscope was saying was true. Despite everything, Jumpdrive didn't know what it felt like to have a bondmate. Sure, he had his times when he felt affections for particular femmes but he never forged a true Spark felt connection with anyone. He had no idea what it meant to lose a portion of their Spark and he had no clue of the pain that followed. Euroscope did, though. He knew that brand of pain better than anyone else. Even before Climaxx, he's been suffering it ever since Crystal City fell. 

He glanced at the silver mech and he felt his vitals clench in pain; he had never really thought about the internal conflicts of either Euro or Maxxie and he cringed upon remembering the many instances in which he had mocked the idea of bondmates. Neither ever said anything against his jesters but he guessed that it was because they understood his lack of experience in that aspect. Now, because of those instances, Jumpdrive knew he had no right to talk to Climaxx at the moment.

Sympathy would get his sister bond nowhere. 

What she needed right now, was empathy. And only Euroscope could provide that for her now. 

Overhaul seemed to still be considering the proposition so Jumpdrive decided to urge his way of thinking in favor of his brother's request.

"Let him go, Overhaul. He knows what he is doing."

The green mech riveted his glare towards him and Jumpdrive could tell he was straining to keep his composure. "Don't you start, Jumpdrive," the medic warned, "I don't need you two ganging up on me."

"Euroscope is a medic, too, Overhaul. He knows what he's doing. You said it yourself, you can't help Climaxx. But Euroscope can." He offered the olden medic a smile with no humor, "You and I both know there's no other way."

Overhaul bit his lower lip, holding back a retort. He glanced at Euroscope and then back at Jumpdrive and the nonchalant shrug that the scarlet mech offered him was enough to force him to comply. There was no arguing with these two, he knew that much already. Murmuring under his breath, he crossed over his chassis. 

"Fine. Just...make sure you don't do anything rash."

Euroscope nodded his helm once, acknowledging the medic's words. "Don't worry, Overhaul. I won't." With those parting words, Euroscope brushed past Overhaul and headed for the door. Once it closed behind him, Jumpdrive rose from his place and followed suit, only to be stopped by Overhaul's questioning voice.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Jumpdrive paused, his servo hovering over the door's matrixpad. He seemed unsure at first but after a brief klik, he let out a sigh and responded. "I'm going for a drive. I need to clear my processor."

"With those injuries?" Overhaul stared at the bruised and ruptured frame of the young bot, his optics narrowing. 

Jumpdrive shrugged, "They look worse than they feel, old timer. I'll be fine. Besides," He pressed the door's button on the matrixpad, allowing it to open with an audible swish. "I've dealt with worse."

He exited the room swiftly, a small draft picking up from his speedy departure. Overhaul remained where he was, lost in thought. He could remember Climaxx's wistful face and he clenched his dental plates as he recalled her lack of cooperation with his words. He knew it wasn't something that should have surprised him but he wished he could have been able to help her more. He hated feeling helpless in these situations but Overhaul knew that a medic couldn't cure every single injury.

It happened once with Silverwing...Overhaul only hoped that it wasn't too late to help Climaxx. 


Nightcrawler didn't expect much when she entered the small Autobot rec room but she certainly didn't expect her recent conversation partner to greet her from his seat at a small table near the back of the room, a stack of datapads already in hand. 

The young femme smiled, pleased with the mech's diligence, and sauntered her way over to the table, sliding into the seat in front of him. She glanced down at the datapads, a small surge of excitement rising within her.

"You certainly got here fast," She said softly, glancing up at Trail.

Trail shrugged, "I really don't have much else to do, y'know. I haven't been cleared by Ratchet yet to return to active duty so all I can do is raid the training room and the rec room." He smiled lightly, "Strangely, your proposition gave me a small sense of activity that I haven't felt for a long time."

Nightcrawler gave him a friendly grin in response, "Glad to be of service, Trail."

The mech nodded, his light-heartedness suddenly disappearing. He scooted the four stacked datapads towards the femme, laying them out next to each other in an orderly fashion. "I got what you asked for. Most of the information is outdated but there's enough to give you a clear understanding of the citadel at the very least." He paused, "It's not much, but it's the best I could do."

He stared at the femme as she calmly grabbed each datapad and scanned through it, her optics narrowing slightly as she studied the data in her grasp. She licked her lips every few kliks and Trail noticed by the pattern her optics were making that she was analyzing the geometry of the maps, calculating their numeral values and cross-referencing it with current data, attempting to see if they matched that of modern Kaonian architecture. Trail couldn't help but smile; that femme certainly looked like she knew what she was doing. 

Nightcrawler caught sight of him staring and she looked up from her work, optic ridges raising in inquiry. "What's wrong?"

Trail blinked and shook his helm, "Nothing."

The femme smiled, "This is actually pretty accurate information, Trail." She glanced down at the datapad in her servos, "I'm amazed Euroscope and Jazz didn't extract all of this when you underwent that analysis."

Trail pursed his lips, "Quartz got the majority of the information; most of what I have is merely a copy of what she had. Once they extracted it from her, they really didn't see much to do with the information I had so they left it there. I had enough clearance, after all." The mech paused and narrowed his optics, "Speaking of which, why didn't you ask Quartz for all of this?"

Nightcrawler shrugged, "Knowing her, she probably would've told on me the minute I asked her. I didn't want her to do that; Euroscope and the others wouldn't hear me out if I didn't present them with a plan for rescuing Quicksilver."

"Really?" Trail raised an optic ridge, suddenly interested. "Why wouldn't they? Aren't you all a family unit of sorts?"

"No." Nightcrawler stopped what she was doing, her helm hanging slightly. "We are a unit but we don't share bonds of any kind. Quicksilver and I are sisters and we share a bond but it's separate from the one that Euroscope, Climaxx and Jumpdrive share." She paused, "I don't think about it too much, though. Euroscope protects all of us and he listens to each and every one of us equally. He'd die for any of us, though. We all would." She snapped her helm up, a light burning in her optics. "We're family, regardless of whether we share a bond or not."

Trail nodded, impressed by her brief but impacting explanation. There was no mistaking the light in her optics, she truly believed every word that she was saying. 

The mech couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. Despite her intense devotion to her belief, there was a small tremble lingering in her words and Trail knew that it wasn't from the intensity of her tone. He knew what it was because he had experienced it before himself. It was a small semblance of doubt. To her, perhaps it was unnoticeable, but to him, it was blatant. 

He rested his arms upon the table, returning to his task of observing Nightcrawler. The femme had gone back to her duties but she was still murmuring under her breath. 

"I've got only a couple megacycles," She said softly, "Quicksilver's bond is slowly fading away again." Her optics narrowed as she observed the paths on the map, "This is usually the most fortified place in a stronghold. I think that Climaxx will have the best chance at beating all of those guards, if there are any. Jumpdrive can..." She trailed off, her mouth unable to keep up with her train of thought. 

Trail frowned upon hearing that small snippet of conversation, and he leaned towards the femme, asking, "Climaxx? Are you really going to include her?"

Nightcrawler nodded, "Yeah," She looked up and locked her gaze with his, "Why wouldn't I?"

Resisting the urge to gasp, Trail adopted a look of worry, his optic ridges furrowing. "How soon do you want to put this plan in motion?"

"At the latest, three solar cycles. I don't think we'll have any other time window if we wait any longer."

Trail frowned, "Do you think Climaxx will be ready to fight again?"

Those words seemed to catch Nightcrawler's full attention and she looked at him again, but this time her optics were wide with fear. "What do you mean? What happened to her?"

Trail hesitated. So she really had no idea...

Nightcrawler's words of family came rushing back to him and he couldn't help but frown at the inconsistency in the circumstances. If they really were such a family unit, then why didn't Nightcrawler know what had happened to the femme? It seemed a bit out of character for Euroscope to keep such things from his closest comrades. Trail didn't know Euroscope that well but he knew for a fact that keeping important information away from people merely for the sake of protecting them wasn't in his ethic coding. That mech would rather be blatantly honest than deviously secretive. 

The fact that Nightcrawler didn't know Climaxx's condition was because Euroscope hadn't told her. 

Trail's frown deepened. If he was informed of this situation, as was most of Autobot command, then why wasn't one of Climaxx's closest comrades informed of the situation?

"Trail!" Nightcrawler had now risen to her pedes, the datapads forgotten as she desperately tried to understand Trail's recent warning. Her servos were curled into fists in front of her, a sign of desperation to understand.

Trail's optics widened, "You really haven't heard?"

"No! What are you talking about? What happened to Climaxx?" She looked ready to grab him by the neck and force him to spill out the information. 

Trail scooted back, suddenly feeling uneasy. "Climaxx and Silverwing were involved in an incident off the coast of Hecron about seven solar cycles ago. There was only one Autobot casualty and-"

"Who was it?" Nightcrawler's voice had lost it's fervor, and she seemed to be devoid of all emotions now. 

Trail hesitated, unsure of how to say it. Being subtle wasn't one of his strongest suits and he didn't believe it was his place to tell her what had occurred. However, he had already opened up the conversation to it and he could no longer retain it any longer. Letting out a deep sigh, Trail replied, "The Autobot's name was Silverwing. Climaxx survived but...they're not sure if she ever will be able to function at her full potential anymore...."

The room had gone silent and Trail was almost afraid to meet her gaze but he forced himself to do so anyways. Nightcrawler was no longer staring at him anymore; she was completely motionless and her blue optics were staring at the floor in shock. Her frame suddenly began to tremble and as it intensified, she closed her optics and bit her lip, as if trying to hold back a scream. 

Trail rose from his seat, one servo raised cautiously towards the femme. "Nightcrawler? Are you alright?"

The femme didn't respond and Trail stepped over towards her, placing his servos on her small shoulders in an attempt to snap her out of her sudden trance. "Nightcrawler! Speak to me. Are you alright?"

Nightcrawler shook her helm and pushed the mech back, a small sob escaping her. "Why didn't anyone tell me!?" She rubbed her optics with the back of her servo, a louder sob escaping her. "So much time has passed and I wasn't told that she..." The femme trailed off, too choked up to continue. Before Trail could say anything else, Nightcrawler turned around and ran out of the rec room, leaving the data pads behind. A few bots glanced up from their conversations to glance at the mech and Trail could feel the heat of their stares pierce through his entire frame. 

Cursing, the mech turned around and stared at the blinking datapads, all lit up and displaying the information that had recently been swimming around aimlessly in his processor. His optics closed in regret and he let out a heavy sigh. He gathered up the small handheld devices and made his way out of the room, ignoring the stares of curiosity that followed his every step. He wasn't sure of what to do next and he cursed once more upon realizing the situation in which he had placed himself in. 

Nightcrawler had all the information now. Trail knew that now. She was an engineer after all, it was no surprise that all she asked for was a copy to look at and not a transportable version of the information. She didn't need one in order to do whatever it was that she had to do. 

For all Trail knew, she could be making her way to Kaon now. After learning that the others had kept Climaxx's ordeal from her, Nightcrawler may not even be considering adding them to her plan anymore. 

Trail paused midstep in the hall, his grip on the datapads tightening as his thoughts began to get into order. Balancing the datapads in one arm, he pinched the bridge of his noseplate with his free servo. 

Scrap. Everything was suddenly getting out of place. 

It would have easier to simply tell someone else about Nightcrawler but the only ones he could tell were preoccupied with matters of their own. And any other bots don't have the time nor the intel required to chase after a deranged youngling. 

Another sigh escaped Trail and he scrunched his noseplate upon realizing what his course of action now was. He had no other choice. If he simply stood by, he knew he was going to regret it later on. He hardly knew the femme but she was right about one thing. No one deserved to suffer the Pit that she and him did all those decacycles ago. 

He had to do something. 

The sound of the clattering datapads was loud enough to be faintly heard from the rec room but the sound that overpowered it was the sound of pedes slapping hard on the ground. Bots didn't really notice the green frame of the mech as he burst past them in the dimly lit hallway; no one heard his rapid breathing as he sprinted in the direction that he had last seen the femme run off in and no one certainly did not see the look of anxiety and determination that lit up his bright blue optics. 

They all thought he was running late to a meeting or a training session. 

They certainly didn't think he was running to save another bot from their own destruction. 


Climaxx was dreaming. 

Or at least, she thought she was. 

She was back in that white landscape again, only this time, there was no one there to greet her anymore. She was completely alone. The atmosphere was cold and Climaxx and Climaxx hugged herself, rubbing her arms as if doing so would warm her up again. 

A lump formed in her throat but she was able to swallow it back down. Despite the bleakness of her surroundings, she was able to relate this area with an abundant amount of painful memories. 

This was, after all, the place in which Silverwing had said his farewell. Here, they shared their most painful moments in their lifespans and yet managed to rejoice in the new ones they had managed to form together. As well as the ones that might have been if things had been different. 

Her dental plates clenched and she glanced around herself, her servos falling and clenching at her side in fury. "Is there something you forgot to say, Silverwing? Because if you did, you better come out and say it fast or else I'm leaving."

Silence met her words and she narrowed her optics, feeling a very familiar sting invade them. She glanced down at her pedes and gasped upon realizing that she was standing up on her own, her legs firmly holding her up. A small grimace crossed her faceplates and she crossed her arms over her chest, all awe gone. 

This was a dream. She wouldn't be able to stand up if it wasn't. Why the slag was she here anyway? She was supposed to be recharging and all of this felt too real to be a simple dream. 

"If you keep grimacing like that, you'll get creases before you even reach your prime."

That voice. 

Climaxx whipped her helm around and caught sight of another femme standing a few feet behind her. Immediately, Climaxx turned her body around to face her and a look of wonder crossed her optics. 

"Is it...Is it really you?" The excitement within her was hard to contain. 

The other femme, teal in color and bearing a dented but freshly polished frame, nodded once. A grin spread across her faceplates and Climaxx had to bite her glossa to keep herself from letting out a small gasp. Slowly, she made her way towards the femme, her hands reaching out in a dazed format, as if she were afraid that the femme before her would vanish as quickly as she had appeared. 

Once she was a few feet away from her, Climaxx let formality slide and she wrapped the femme up in an embrace, the familiar smell of her jogging up long buried memories. Tears streamed down her optics and she refused to let go, rejoicing the familiar sensation of being wrapped up in her femme creator's embrace. 

"Esmeryl..." Climaxx repeated her femme creator's name, too full of emotion to continue saying anything else. 

Esmeryl chuckled lightly, her servos massaging the back of her creation's frame. "Why are you crying, Climaxx?"

Climaxx tightened her grip and dug her faceplates into the shoulder of her femme creator, too ashamed to face her. "I've lost everything, Esmeryl." Climaxx's voice was trembling with emotion, "First it was you and Hydrau, then my entire team in Polyhex and now Silverwing. I don't know what to do anymore, everything is slowly crumbling away..."

Climaxx felt her femme creator pull away and Climaxx lifted her gaze to stare at Esmeryl, suddenly feeling afraid. However, there was a gentleness in her femme creator's faceplates and she felt more at ease. Esmeryl reached up and gently wiped away her creation's tears with her thumb, making sure to not leave the streak of blue that coolant usually left in it's wake. Climaxx reached up with her own servo and aided her, sniffing in the process in an attempt to freshen up a bit. 

"I'm sorry," She blubbered, "It's just that I don't know what to do anymore..." 

A small silence met her words but before Climaxx could ask anything else, Esmeryl placed her servos on Climaxx's shoulder and a wistful glimmer appeared in her optics. "You always know what to do, Climaxx. Even if you're not sure, deep down, the answer is always there within you." She smiled, "Besides, you're not alone. You have many individuals around you that care deeply for you. No one is destined to be alone in this world, Maxxie. You of all bots should know that by now." Her servos retreated, and Climaxx closed her optics, knowing what was to come next. 

"What if I can't protect them, Esmeryl?" Climaxx opened her opened and glanced up desperately at her femme creator, "What if I can't protect Euroscope and Jumpdrive from everything that's happening in the war? I'd be just like Silverwing all over again..."

Esmeryl's gaze softened, "What occurred was not your fault, Climaxx. It was simply a tragic turn of events. But...I will say that you are strong enough to protect your newfound family unit, regardless of your physical state. But remember, in a family unit, no one member is charged with protecting all. Everyone is there to care for one another. If each individual does their part, then there is nothing to fear. Unity always results in victory." A grin popped up on her faceplates, "It's a lesson your father taught the both of us, remember? When he and Lugnut worked together during that tournament, the both of them were able to defeat everyone and come back to their families safely."

The mention of her father brought a small smile to Climaxx's faceplates and she asked, "Is Hydrau there with you, Esmeryl?"

Esmeryl scrunched her optics closed comically, "Yes, Climaxx. As is everyone else."

Climaxx nodded, "I see. Guess it won't be long then, hm?"

Esmeryl nodded, "Of course, Climaxx. Everyone will be waiting for you both to arrive."

"Wait, both?"

Before Esmeryl could answer Climaxx's question, Climaxx was plunged into momentary darkness and then a bright light met her as she groggily opened her optics, coming face to face with the familiar faceplates of Euroscope.

Immediately, Climaxx pulled her helm back, taken by surprise. Her brother did the same, his optics lighting up with worry. "Climaxx?"

Climaxx blinked several times, attempting to regain her bearings. It didn't take long though, she immediately became aware that she was back in the medical ward, strapped to the cot as she awaited for her physical therapy to commence. Her gaze fell sadly, she was back to where she started. 

Euroscope once again tried to recapture her attention, "Climaxx? It's me, Euroscope."

She didn't reply right away but when she did, her response was halfhearted. "Hey," She breathed, not glancing in his direction.

Her brother bond wasn't one to give up that easily though. "I heard about what happened, I'm...I'm sorry about everything."

Climaxx closed her optics, "I am too..." She said softly, trailing off at the end. 

Euroscope shifted in his seat beside the cot and he let out a deep sigh, "Overhaul told me you weren't responding to anything that he said. You have him pretty worried about you."

A shrug was all Climaxx gave in response. "He asks the same questions everyday. Responding once is enough."

"Hm. I see your sense of sarcasm hasn't changed at all."

Climaxx's dental plates clenched. "Call it whatever you like, Euroscope. It doesn't change anything."

Her brother bond narrowed his optics and he leaned towards her, his noseplate scrunching in response. "Climaxx, please, don't be like this. I came here because I care about you and I want to help you."

Against everything that she felt, Climaxx couldn't help but turn to stare at her brother and angrily retort, "You really want to help me? Bring back my bondmate, Euroscope. Bring Silverwing back to me, then you can say you did your job."

A stony silence lingered after her words and Euroscope lowered his gaze, his optics clouding. "That's not fair, Climaxx." He glanced up at her profile, "I understand that you're in pain but you can't take it out on everyone else. Overhaul, Vel, no one is responsible for what happened."

Climaxx's servos clenched, "You're one to talk, aren't you, Euroscope?" She glared at him from the corner of her optics, "You couldn't possibly comprehend what I'm going through. You don't understand the pain, the agony that constantly nags at my Spark..." Her servos reached up to clutch her chassis, her digits digging into the alloy above her Spark chamber. 

Euroscope stared at her and a sad look befell his faceplates, "You're wrong, Climaxx. I know exactly how you feel."

His sister bond glanced at him, confusion in her optics. Euroscope continued, "You forget that I too had a bondmate, Climaxx. Backfire may not be dead, but...she might as well be." He glanced up to meet Climaxx's gaze, "Your bondmate died loving you, Climaxx. There's no doubt that Silverwing's affections were reserved only for you. But my bondmate lives hating me. Backfire's entire purpose revolves around my termination. Every moment that we had before the war, means nothing to her anymore. I disconnected the bond because I couldn't stand feeling all the hate that she felt towards me, but that decision was perhaps one of the worst I have ever done in my life. I left her alone and that's one of the worst things I could have done. She doesn't deserve to be left alone. No one in this world ever does."

His last words jolted Climaxx's memories and she cringed upon remembering that her words. That was something...that Esmeryl had said. 

Her optics began to sting once more and she turned her helm away from Euroscope, unable to let him see her cry. He had never seen her once, might as well not break that cycle. 

She knew she was in the wrong; Euroscope was here to help her, but Climaxx couldn't help but feel as if his presence were tainting her will. He made her situation seem less severe than his and that seemed to anger her; the death of her bondmate was no minuscule matter and yet she couldn't help but feel as if he were implying that it was. 

No one deserves to be alone. Climaxx knew that better than anyone; Esmeryl had been right about that. 

Glancing back at Euro, she suddenly began to realize what Esmeryl had been trying to imply. It was all so clear now. Silverwing may be gone but there was one mech who still remained with her, remaining as a strong firm pillar of support despite the situation. She may have lost many bots dear to her in the past few vorns but there were a couple who never wavered and did their part to protect her as she strives to do for them. 

Tears began to stream down her face and Euroscope rose to his pedes, his optics wide with worry. 

"Climaxx! What's wrong?" He placed his servos on her shoulders, attempting to make her look at him. "Climaxx!"

Climaxx sniffled but she didn't attempt to stifle her tears. "Euroscope?"

Her brother nodded, "Yes, what is it?"

"It hurts, Euro. It hurts so slaggin' much. Every single bot that I've lost, every one that I've seen offline in front of me...They've taken a piece of my Spark with them...and now, I barely have any of it left to lose anymore." Her servos grasped her chassis, "No one deserves to be alone but if that's true...then why is everyone I care about suddenly..." She trailed off, unable to continue. 

Her brother bond gazed her incredulously and then his gaze softened. Before Climaxx could say anything, Euroscope leaned towards her and his arms wrapped securly around her, pressing her frame against his. Climaxx bit her lip and pressed her faceplates against her brother's chestplate, reveling in the sound of his strong beating Spark. It surrounded her like a blanket, reminding her of everything that he was.

She felt safe. Completely safe. 

Completely safe. As if no force on Cybertron could touch her while she stood in his embrace.

As if no force on Cybertron could touch her while she stood in his embrace.

"You're never going to be alone, Maxxie. Everyone here cares about you. Overhaul, Jumpdrive, Nightcrawler, Quartz, Trail...We're always going to be there for you, regardless of the circumstances."

She was silent for a few kliks but then Climaxx replied, "That's kind of an empty promise, don't you think, Euroscope? Hydrau said the same thing to me before he died....and I haven't seen a trace of him since."

Euroscope swallowed roughly then he let out a small sigh, stepping back. "I know." He sat on the small chair he had pulled up beside the cot, "Drixco said the same thing to me when we left Kaon for Crystal City. He told me that he'd save up enough credits to be able to travel the universe as a comedian and he'd take me along with him; "I'm going to spread my comedic genius and you're going to find new avenues into the world of science. We're going to be legends and nothing is going to stop us from achieving our dreams." That's what he said to me. It sounded like a good idea at the time, we were nothing more than kids, after all." His face fell, and his optics became wistful. "The point is, we can't really control where we're going to end up. Especially when we're in the middle of fighting a war. All we can do, really, is fight for our own aspirations."

Climaxx felt her throat clench up when she recalled Euroscope's old friend and she swallowed roughly to dislodge the lump in her throat. Drixco had always been that kind of mech, even when she first met him. Kind, charasmatic, so full of hope and dreams for the future. His death was perhaps the most unfair of them all. 

When Climaxx thought about him now, he was just a youngling to her. He was one of the many who died unjustly, killed for the purposes of other bots whose lives weren't even intertwined at the time. Drixco didn't deserve to die; he was a victim of circumstance, he met the wrong bots at the wrong time and paid the price for it. 

Biting her lip, Climaxx glanced up at her brother bond, who gazed at her with such kindness it made her vitals churn. "I can't fight anymore, Euro." She gestured at ther lifeless lower torso, "Even if I wanted to."

Euroscope's gaze never faltered as he placed a servo on one of her knees and he said, "Yes, you can, Climaxx. It's only a minor setback, you'll get through this. Jumpdrive and I are going to be there for you every single step of the way." He smiled softly, "You know I'm not the kind who showers people with overconfident optimism, Maxxie. When I say something, I actually mean it." He placed a servo on her cheekplate, his thumb digit massaging away the fresh coolant. "Don't give up yet, Climaxx. That's not the femme I met back in the Hall of Records all those vorns ago."

Climaxx smiled, albeit a bit crookedly. Euroscope's own smile turned into a grin and a comfortable silence befell them, the only sounds being the occasional beeping of the medical equipment. No pain had been had been healed in either of their Sparks, in fact, it was far from being so. However, when they were together, the pain seemed to be numbed. Not as if it were healed but as if there had been no pain there in the first place.

It wasn't something that they strained between themselves, rather it was something that just came naturally to them. And so the two bots held onto each other in the dim room, the steady beeping and Climaxx's soft whimpers being the only sound perturbing the silence of the moment.   
Spoils of War (Part the Seventh)
Yeah, I haven't been submitting much these past few months so I decided to at least add in another installment of SofW to make up for so much inactivity. I've noticed Climaxx tends to have way too many hallucinations but that's okay for someone in her position, she's been through a lot, after all.
I tried to map out the conversation between her and Euro as effectively as possible but the image in my head was hard to get down on paper. Regardless, hopefully it proves a point, however mote it may be.
And Jumper, yeah, he's quite the thinker when put in perilous situations.

En fin, do try to enjoy.

Screw the editing process for just this once. :)

Transformers ~ Hasbor

Euroscope, Climaxx, Jumpdrive, Overhaul and all other noncanon characters belong to me.


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