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:: Playing God :: by dreamylittlethings

This is a beautiful piece of art; it has it's own aura of energy radiating from the posture of the hand, which emanates a feeling of ba...

Rapidflash by Wooden-Flashlight

First of all, the anatomy is well done. I can imagine where each part of the vehicle goes while he is in protoform with a simple look. ...


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Jinx by transformerfan10
Name: Jinx
Nickname: None
Age: 17
Gender: Femme
Voice Actor: Kathleen Zuelch
Allegience: None (Briefly an Autobot)
Function: Bounty hunter; mercenary for hire
Alternate Earth Mode: 2015 Nissan 370Z
Weapons: Sniper rifle; vibroblade; plasma blaster

-Thin armor
-Easily swayed by money
-Survival instincts; they often force her to act in formats that get her into trouble

-Brilliant marksman
-Good improviser
-Great hand to hand combat skills
-Versatile skill set

-Making wagers

-Being lied to
-Losing payments or clients
-The Cybertronian war

"Is that really the best you can do?"
"Ha! Busted!"
"You know I can just shoot you and make this situation a whole lot easier, right?"
"How much are you willing to pay?"
"No credits? Go look for someone else to do your dirty work, then."
"It's who I was meant to be all along; I'm a murderer and nothing can change that."

Jinx puts on a cheery facade when around other bots; most of her clients describe her as needlessly cheerful and willing to do anything with a smile. Her eagerness for work has made her very popular among some contractors while the rest label her as a psychopath on the verge of reaching her breaking point. However, those that know her most know that her smile and false bravado are a part of a mask used to hide her schizophrenic personality. She cares about those that she manages to become friends with but she can't really figure out how to keep them close to her and that disability leaves her emotionally conflicted, though she does well to hide it. 

Jinx was born on the distant planet of Gigation to Velocitronians Hidean and Deidra. Despite being born into a peaceful planet rich with culture and scientific ingenuity, her mech creator Hidean, a well known bounty hunter, attempted to assimilate her into his image. He trained her from a young age in hand to hand combat and honed her skills in the use of armaments, hoping that one day she would become a respected bounty hunter in her time. Deidra, Jinx's femme creator, attempted to halt Hidean's harsh training sessions but to no avail; these futile attempts resulted in high tensions between the two bondmates and Deidra left both Jinx and Hidean without a second thought. 
Jinx, not having been particularly close to her femme creator, did not notice her absence and instead focused on pleasing her father, who she deemed to be the perfect role model for her. The youngling endured vorns of merciless training and harsh punishments, one of which included Hidean slitting the tip of her fingers when Jinx failed to complete a test to the best of her ability.
Hidean eventually left Gigation and took Jinx along with him, adopting the nomadic lifestyle of a mercenary for hire. Jinx tagged along on most of his missions but the majority of the time she was forced to stay behind on her father's outposts or with some of his companions. 
The hectic lifestyle suited Jinx, that is, until her father was killed during one of his missions. Jinx, having never gotten the chance to prove to her father her capabilities became ireful and she set out to hunt down her father's killer, who, to her knowledge, was a tycoon space pirate known as Axer; apparently, Hidean had a debt to pay to the olden gangster and he had taken too long to repay it and that was something Axer did not forgive easily.
For vorns, she hunted down the mech; she took on dangerous missions, hoping to earn enough prestige and recognition in order to catch Axer's attention and have him to her. She stole from some of the biggest names in the industry and killed bots who hid behind fortified citadels and large armies with the utmost grace and ease. Eventually, her efforts paid of when Axer sent in a request asking for her services. 
Hoping to make Axer's death a slow and humiliating one, Jinx became one of his full-time lackeys, biding time in hopes of coming up with a plan to end the mech responsible for taking her mech creator away from her. 
However, as time went by, Jinx began to grow more aware of the type of mech that Axer was and she also unearthed some startling facts about her own father. Hidean had been responsible for several massacres on different planets and those he had murdered included not only mechs but also children and femmes. The most startling discovery was that in which Jinx found out that her femme creator had not actually left both her and her father but rather Hidean had killed her during a heated argument. 
The new found information left Jinx in ruins; unsure of how to handle the situation and proceed on with her life, Jinx left Axer and instead moved on to a different sector of the galaxy in search of work. She came into contact with a new client called Kros, who claimed to be a a former Guildmaster from a war-torn planet called Cybertron; intrigued, Jinx tagged along with him and nonchalantly agreed to a mission that involved her going onto the planet's surface and investigating the situation regarding the war. She was going to be payed about 800, 000 credits for the job so Jinx was all up for it. 
Getting onto the planet's surface was easy and Jinx was able to come in contact with a pair of Decepticons in a run-down bar on the borders of Kaon. She made a wager with one and bet that if she beat him in an arm-wrestling match, he would tell her everything that he knew and vice versa. Jinx won the encounter but the Decepticon was not too eager to give in so easily to a femme; a small brawl broke out and it ended when Jinx managed to kill the two mechs that gave her all the trouble. Her handiwork did not go unnoticed; Jumpdrive, an Autobot undercover, became intrigued with the femme and made a small wager with her in an attempt to get to know her. 
The wager was simple. Jumpdrive was to hold a can of Visco in his grasp and Jinx had to use her sniper rifle to shoot it out of his servo, while he was in motion, without hurting him, in exchange for 1000 credits. 
Jinx managed to complete the wager flawlessly and for the both of them, that's where it all began. Jinx was able to learn about the whole conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons and she went along with it in hopes of sticking close to Jumpdrive. 
She had a steady relationships with most of the Autobots at first but when it came to dealing with Climaxx, Jinx found herself facing one of the biggest challenges of her career. Apart from Jinx's slight attraction to Silverwing, Jinx was able to gain prestige for being one of the best sword-wielders in the Autobot faction and that angered Climaxx, who saw her capabilities being directly challenged. A deep seated rivalry developed between the two and the extremes that it went to could be said to be on the verge of psychotic. Apart from vying to take out the most Cons during battles, there were a few skirmishes in which Jinx 'accidentally' threw Climaxx off a moving carrier shuttle that was being manned by Decepticons or tripped the alarm during infiltration missions. 
Apart from that, Jinx began to develop strong feelings for Jumpdrive but she was unable to goad him on when Kros sent in new orders telling her to bring back the intel that she had gathered. Jinx was hesitant but when Kros told her he would triple her pay, Jinx was unable to resist, despite her best intentions. Jinx hacked into the Autobot mainframe and took off, managing to fight back Jumpdrive and Climaxx and a few select others before hopping onto a transport shuttle and redlining off world. However, her shuttle was destroyed before she left the atmosphere. Despite that, her body was never found and it is speculated that she managed to escape off the surface of Cybertron, in one way or another. Her whereabouts are unknown but some speculate that she is somewhere near Cybertron. 


Hidean: Her mech creator; Jinx loved her father dearly and she wanted nothing more than to please him and make him proud of her. However, upon learning of who he really was, Jinx forsake him and gave up on her quest for revenge.

Deidra: Her femme creator; Jinx never knew her mother that well, mainly because she always was locked up in her room, recharging after a long day at work or lamenting after a heated debate with Hidean. After learning of her death, however, Jinx laments never opening up to her and misses her dearly.

Axer: At first, Jinx wanted nothing more than to see Axer dead. However, upon learning of her father's treachery, Jinx began to notice that Axer was not that bad of a mech, despite his occupation and she began to respect him a bit, despite her intents not to. 

Kros: Jinx's favorite client; this mech is living credit spouter and Jinx is willing to take on any missions he has for her due to his ability to raise his payments without batting an optic. It's a bit cryptic how he makes so much money but Jinx doesn't care that much; she gets payed and that's all that matters to her. 

Jumpdrive: Jinx loves this mech more than she can say but she prefers not to admit it or show it. It's no secret that she is a murderer who has had her fair share of macabre all for the sake of a few credits. She enjoys her occupation too much to let it go and she prefered to leave Cybertron before forging a strong relationship with the mech, knowing that he would only get hurt if he got close enough to her. 

Climaxx: Jinx loves riling up this femme's anger; it's been a while since Jinx was able to find another bot who matched her skill with vibroblades so when she found out that Climaxx was more than capable of fighting Jinx in a one on one duel, Jinx was absolutely ecstatic. Jinx doesn't particularly like the femme, she's too serious, she says, but she does respect her as a soldier. 

Silverwing: Jinx likes flirting with the mech only because it earns her a free duel with Climaxx; Jinx will be the first to admit that Silverwing is the handsomest mech she has ever seen in her life but she never forgets to remind everyone that she prefers her mechs with both looks and brains, which is something that 'Wing lacks, according to her.

Euroscope: Jinx loves challenging this mech when it comes to sniping; Euroscope's precise manner and meticulous personality are a great match for her natural sniping abilities and she never hesitates to pull up a wager when she's talking with him. It's not that hard getting him to comply; with all the credits she has accumulated, it's not too difficult to give up a few rounds of Visco at Maccadams. 

Five solar cycles later…

Somewhere over Iacon.

Jumpdrive stood against the edge of the balcony’s gate, his elbows resting haphazardly against the unsafe looking structure with carefree ease. His blue optics gazed over the panorama beneath him, of the glittering expanse of Iacon’s busy central vein of activity.

The Dome Square.

The scarlet mech smiled as a small breeze swept against his frame and he closed his optics, savoring the coolness against his battle-worn alloy. His apertures were stinging like the Pit and he knew he should go and have one of the medics patch them up but Jumpdrive was waiting for one special medic to return from his special leave in Praxus.

The speedster was willing to suffer for just a few more megacycles.

He glanced up at the sky, “Come on, Euro. Where the slag are you?”

The mech was eager to see him. He hadn't heard from Climaxx or Silverwing since they left for Hecron and Euroscope had only called to radio in that the three of them had been due at Praxus for a special operation.

That was nearly two vorns ago.

Euroscope had maintained radio silence since then.

Jumpdrive rolled his optics. It was just like Euro to get caught up in his work. Megatron could have taken over Iacon and Euroscope wouldn’t have noticed.

The scarlet mech smiled at the prospect. Yeah, like that was ever gonna happen. 

“Jumpdrive, this is Ratchet.”

Jumpdrive froze, his digits curling over the bars of the gate in utter fear. "Ratchet?" The mech pressed a digit against his audioreceptor, amplifying the incoming signal's transmission. “What the-How’d you get the access code to this line?”

The senior medical officer scoffed, “I’d find the code for your compartment door anytime I wanted, kid. You’re not exactly the brightest when it comes to encrypting your personal communication lines.”

Jumpdrive frowned. “Hey!"

“Just saying. Anyways, enough chatter. Gigbyte told me that you sustained some pretty serious damage after the mission; he wants you to come into the Med Bay immediately. I personally don’t care whether you show up here or not but Gigbyte’s a good friend of mine and I owe him a few…debts from back in the day.” The medic paused, “Oh, and by the way…Overhaul radioed in a few kliks ago. Seems like that brother of yours is on his way back.”

Jumpdrive nearly let out a whoop of joy upon hearing the last statement. It was about slaggin' time! 

"How long until they return?" He asked, already turning around and redlining out of the serenity of the balcony. He made his way down the set of stairs, through the empty building and finally into the bustling masses of the busy city square. Elbows bumped into him as he made his way through the bots but he ignored them, all the more intent on getting to his destination.

Ratchet replied, "A few megacycles. Overhaul said they were close to the edge of Kalis, so I expect them to arrive around 1300."

Jumpdrive nodded, transforming and making his way onto the main road that led towards the Hall of Recrods. "Okay, I'm on my way there."

The line shut off and Jumpdrive traveled onwards, delving deep into his thoughts. It had been megacycles since Jumpdrive had seen Euroscope and Climaxx and he was eager to tell them so much stuff that he had no idea where to begin. The infiltration mission in Polyhex sounded like a good place to start but the rec room incident with Sunstreaker was also pretty enticing. Silverwing would probably get a kick out of hearing that Sunstreaker was pranked into drinking stale Energon and then forced to endure humiliation when those slaggin' rumbling followed in his vitals. 


The thought of seeing the Seeker again made a strange sense of relief blossom in his Spark and Jumpdrive made a mental note to challenge him to that racing game in the rec room again; Swerve had managed to give him a few cheat codes that would definately give him the upper hand. 

There was no way he was gonna lose to that stupid airhead again. The thought seemed to pump Jumpdrive up even more and before long, he found himself flooring the gas pedal, speeding as if the whole of the Decepticon army was hot on his heel pedes.


Meanwhile, First Aid was busy sorting through a pile of data pads that Ratchet had entrusted to him, a bored look lingering in his visor. He was not one to complain about archiving data, but lately the data had been getting rather tedious and boring and he found himself dreading these type of routine duties. Being a medic was a two sided knife; for one, it kept him off the battlefield and he was able to help his comrades in an incomparable format but on the other hand, it meant that instead of dodging bullets or making daring escapades, he was forced to archive the profiles of every single patient that he and Ratchet have to deal with.

Personally, First Aid found it to be a bit useless but his superiors seemed to value the information and therefore his work was deemed crucial and had to be done regardless of his personal feelings. 

A sigh escaped him and First Aid rose from his desk, a blank datapad in hand. If only Jumpdrive would arrive; then he could put his mind off the paperwork and have an excuse for not filling it out entirely.

No sooner after he had thought that, Jumpdrive was suddenly skidding into the Med Bay, nearly knocking First Aid onto his aft. The junior medic jumped out of the way just in time, managing to keep a steady hold on the data pad he had been working on earlier.

Jumpdrive gave him an apologetic shrug, “Sorry, pal. I think I got a little carried away.”

First Aid nodded, “It’s quite alright. No harm done.” In fact, the junior medic thought internally, you've done the exact opposite.

The scarlet mech nodded impatiently, “Yeah. So listen, I heard Overhaul and his squadies were on their way back. Any clue as to when they’ll arrive?”

First Aid lowered his gaze, “Oh. Are you referring to Euroscope?” The junior medic’s visor flashed knowingly, “I’m afraid they won’t be coming back to the Hall of Records.”

Jumpdrive frowned, “Why?”

“Haven’t you heard? Overhaul and Euroscope have a couple patients they have to escort to one of the main medical facilities here in Iacon. Apparently they were victims of an ambush. They got pretty roughed up. I hear one of them has to go through some intense physical therapy. Had both of her legs amputated.” First Aid shook his helm, “Ratchet found out a few kliks after he talked to you and he headed out to meet them.”

Jumpdrive couldn’t help noticing the pronoun. “Her?”

“Yeah. It was a mech and a femme.”

A strange feeling invaded Jumpdrive’s vitals and he was almost afraid to ask the next question. “Do you…have any designations?”

“No. Ratchet wouldn’t let me in on it. He told me that I had to wait here for you.” The medic perked up, “Speaking of which, get onto a cot. Those cuts of yours look pretty nasty.”

Jumpdrive ignored him. “What’s the facility called? The one where the two patients are being taken into?”

First Aid shrugged. “Beats me. I heard that it’s somewhere near the Science and Technology Institute but other than that-Hey!” The junior medic let out a cry of surprise as the scarlet speedster suddenly hightailed out of the room, creating a strong draft of wind that blew a stack of datapads off of his desk situated near the examination cots. First Aid let out a stream of curses at the mess but he knew better than to complain; Jumpdrive was long gone already.

He wouldn't be able to hear him. Jumpdrive was well-known for his incredible speed but also for his lack of listening skills that nearly always got him in trouble.

Sighing, the junior medic fell to his knees and began to patiently pick up the scattered datapads, stacking them carefully into one big pile into his arms.

He placed them neatly back onto the table but made sure to pile them into three smaller and more secure stacks, in order to prevent them from falling over again, of course.

The junior medic shook his head as he placed the last datapad in its proper place. "I swear if I ever get another load of paper work, it'll be too soon." Turning away from the demeaning pile of work, he hastily stormed towards the exit. Perhaps there was a patrol heading out that would find it useful to have a medic tag along; it would most certainly be a better use of his talents rather than sitting in a comfortable chair and typing in random archiving codes into the DataNet.

Overhaul glanced at Ratchet, who was walking into the medical bay, apparently out of breath. The red and white medic had a determined look on his face and the green mech found himself smiling kindly at the arriving Autobot, the action feeling foreign in the atmosphere that he found himself in.

“Came as soon as I heard, Overhaul." Ratchet explained, coming to a halt beside him. "What’s the situation?” They were standing just outside of an operating room whose observation glass had been tinted in order to offer privacy and discrepancy to the ones inhabiting it. A hastily written note was taped upon the entrance, warning outsiders that the patient being held inside was in critical condition and the room required only authorized personal in it's vicinity. 

The green medic sighed upon hearing Ratchet's question and he rubbed the back of his neck joint, seemingly uncomfortable. “Two Autobots were ambushed near the border of Hecron." He began, his gaze on the floor. "They were near the outpost that was recently destroyed by the Decepticon guerilla forces. They were ordered to retrieve a disk containing vital information regarding most of the Autobots intel and military operations; they managed to complete their mission but they were caught by surprise by what appears to be a band of wandering Decepticons.” He paused, “One of the Autobots, Silverwing, was one of Jetfire’s corporals. The other, Climaxx, was a member of Sideswipe’s infiltration squadron. Special Operations.”

Ratchet narrowed his optics, “What’s their current condition?”

“Silverwing is dead. Climaxx, however, is in induced stasis. She suffered quite a few injuries…it’s a miracle she’s even alive.” Overhaul rubbed the bridge of his noseplate, “Euroscope’s taking this pretty hard. The kid’s not thrilled about the fact that Silverwing died in his care…but of course, Silverwing was a lost cause. He had all his Energon lines completely decimated…there was nothing anyone could have done for him.” He trailed off, knowing that no further explanation was necessary. 

"Sorry to hear that." Ratchet glanced around the large room, scanning among the mass of bots and patients for the familiar silver frame of the bot in question. “Where is Euroscope?”

Overhaul scoffed, “With Climaxx, of course. He hasn't left her side since the accident. He hasn't recharged or even taken a dose of Energon since then. I’m starting to get pretty worried about him.” He crossed his arms over his chassis, an apprehensive look befalling his aged faceplates.

Ratchet nodded, “So, why’d you call for me? It seems like mostly everything is under your control.” The red mech cast a glance at the green mech from the corner of his optics, the action warranting an explanation.

Overhaul shook his head, “Climaxx is in need of surgery; she lost both of her legs and her spinal strut has sustained serious damage. I’d do the operation myself but I’m afraid that surgery is not my greatest area of expertise. I’d rather leave such a crucial task to one with more capable servos.” He placed a servo on the medic’s shoulder, giving it a friendly squeeze. “You have more pressing matters to attend to, I know, but I am asking for a favor of you, Ratchet. A lot of ties are with this femme and it’d be a pity to see them all break.”

Ratchet’s optic ridges lifted a bit at the last statement but something in Overhaul’s optics seemed to sink into him and the red white mech gave a single nod of acknowledgement.

“Okay…I’ll do it.”


The room was unbearably cold. 

It was small, square, like those tiny cartridge boxes that always seem to hold more than what they appear they can. There was nothing within it except a single cot and a mass of machines with protruding wires that all led to the fragile being currently inhabiting the operation cot. 

She was a robust femme but she had the lithe curving frame that clearly signified both her strength and gender. However, to the onlooker that stood beside her cot, the mass of wires connected to her frame made her appear fragile and small, as if she could barely sustain her own breathing.

Her optics were closed tightly, her thin lip components parted slightly. Her faceplates were lined with dents and sealed apertures, causing them to appear uneven and disfigured. One might have thought that she may have been a pretty femme once but the vorns of war had taken their toll on her and she had succumbed to it's damaging after effects.

The silver onlooker's optic ridges furrowed in distress and he bit his lower lip component, the sweet taste of Energon meeting his glossa. He swallowed it roughly and glanced down apprehensively at the rest of the femme's frame, taking in every singel detail. Every ridge on her alloy that signified a freshly welded wound, every dent, every scratch...nothing escaped the tedious scan of his blue optics. 

The steady beeping of the machines in the room mercifully broke through the silence engulfing the room and Euroscope couldn't help but count each beep, staring into the faceplates of his sister-bond as he did so.


She looked so peaceful; Euroscope couldn't remember a time when her faceplates showed such a semblance of tranquility. Even when he had first met her, there was always that crease in between her optic ridges. The one that signified the stress of her everyday life weighing down upon her shoulders. 

His digits twitched and before he could stop himself, Euroscope found himself caressing her servo, his large digits barely skimming over the surface of the back of her own. It was the only part of her that did not appear fragile and Euroscope gently but firmly secured his digits around her servo, his thumb tracing the back of her palm.

She had been so cold when they first arrived at the scene but after Overhaul did his work on her and stablized her, a bit of warmth had returned to her entire frame. Albeit it was colder than Euroscope was used to, it felt good to be able to feel the warmth radiating off of Climaxx. It signified that she was alive....


Euroscope closed his optics upon recalling his sister's bondmate and a sharp pain exploded through his chassis. It had all been his fault; if he had worked a little faster, maybe Silverwing would be here with them right now. Alive and well, telling his stupid jokes and insulting Euroscope's bad habits. 

Memories began to flash before his optics, lighting up his processor with faceplates of individuals he hadn't thought about of for vorns. There were his creators, Umerial and Kes...his older brother, Zeo...his little brother, Dion...his sister, Stratis....Quicksilver and Backfire. So many bots that had managed to bring so much joy to his life and yet, all of them, Euroscope had been powerless to save. His entire family unit died before his very optics, infected with a disease that Euroscope would not find a cure for until a few vorns later. Late, as he always had been.

Stratis, his precious sister, had perished in her last Pit fight; Euroscope had been unable to sway her to leave her occupation and she had payed for his hesitation and lack of conviction. Quicksilver, the femme had been taken away by Decepticons shortly after the battle of Praxus; Euroscope could remember her cries as she was dragged onto a transport shuttle by the enemy and he could even remember the sensation of helplessness as he was forced to watch from afar, unable to help.

Protect Nightcrawler! Forget about me, just take care of my sister, Euroscope!

Euroscope had done just that and Quicksilver had been taken away. 

Then there was Backfire....Euroscope knew that despite the fact that Backfire was still alive and well, she was the one that he had had failed most of all. She had given herself to him completely, one might even say that she had placed her Spark in his servos, asking him to look after it and cherish it with his life. Euro let himself get distracted and all the trust and devotion Backfire had placed upon him slipped through his fingers, shattering into a million pieces. He had broken her Spark and no matter how hard he tried, there was no way to pick up all the pieces and it was even more impossible to mend them back together. Every time he faced her on the field, he could see all his broken promises reflected in the depths of her hate-filled optics and more than once, Euroscope had almost allowed himself to perish at her hand but something always kept him from doing so.

It was the weight of the trust his new family unit had placed upon him, the weight that always seemed to drag around on his shoulders, like a lead ball chained to his ankle. Jumpdrive, Climaxx, Nightcrawler....The thought of leaving them alone to fend for themselves, to face each new atrocity brought about by their adversaries without him to support was almost criminal. 

Yet, here he was. Standing beside Climaxx, mourning the loss of a mech that meant the world to her. It was ironic, really. The harder he tried, it seemed, the easier it was for those precious to him to get hurt. There was no telling who else would be next...

Euroscope scolded himself sternly, breaking his gloomy train of thought. He had to stay focused. Climaxx was still in need of his care and he had to make sure that she would make it through one hundred percent. She was going to wake up one day and Euroscope had to make sure she would not wake up debilitated.

A sharp rap sounded on the door and Euroscope glanced up suddenly, his servo falling from Climaxx's. A young femme walked in, she was tall and elegant and bore a striking orange frame that reminded Euroscope strongly of Jumpdrive. The visitor had a serene look in her optics and when she glanced up at Euroscope, the mech was taken back by the intensity of her sharp gaze. There was a hint of intelligence in their depths, and it made him feel a bit uneasy.

"Euroscope, right?" The femme had a husky voice, raw and filled with a sense of cool confidence. 

Euroscope nodded once, "Yes."

The femme gave him a light smile in return. "Ah. so you're the one ol' Maxx never shut up about. Interesting." She paused, "I expected you to be taller."

"....Sorry to disappoint you." Euroscope emphasized the last word, his faceplates adopting the beginning of a grimace. He wasn't so sure about how he felt about the femme.

The femme seemed to catch on and she let out a sigh, "Sorry. I tend to forget my manners every once in a while. The name's Caliburst. I'm a...comrade of Climaxx's."

Caliburst. The name had a familiar ring to it but Euroscope could not remember Climaxx ever mentioning such a designation. Whoever this femme was, Climaxx certainly had kept that to herself.

Caliburst seemed to notice Euroscope's apprehension and she smiled knowingly in his direction. "Don't worry, I don't expect you to know me." She lowered her gaze, "Climaxx never really takes much notice of her subordinates."

Before Euroscope could ask her what she meant, Caliburst launched herself into explanation. "I used to be on Climaxx's squad before she was promoted into Sideswipe's infiltration unit. Weapons expert, I was still a rookie back then." A reminiscing glimmer appeared in her optics, "Climaxx always had a way to whip us into shape. She never talked to us individually but the way she spoke, it made every single one of us feel as if she were. We felt like we mattered, even if we did nothing else bu die in the place of others more important to the cause than us."

"She has a way with words," Euroscope replied, knowing full well what she meant. "It's one of her best traits."

Caliburst nodded, "Yes. I agree. She saved my life once, during a mission near the border of Hecron. I was caught by surprise by a couple of Cons who managed to evade the patrol and it would've been if Climaxx hadn't intervened." She pointed to a scar on Climaxx's forearm, a knowing glint in her gaze. "That's when she got that scar. She took a blade for me." She paused, "You might be wondering why I'm telling you all of this, but I need to understand that it's necessary. Climaxx is going wake up eventually and I need you to tell her that everything is going to be fine. She's going to have to mourn her losses but I want you to remind her of the many other lives she saved, the lives of bots who would have eventually gone unnoticed if not for her. Tell her that, Euroscope. Please." 

Taking a step back from the cot, Caliburst dipped her head in Euroscope's direction and without another word, she walked out of the room, leaving Euroscope in complete and utter silence.

A moment later, the door opened again and Euroscope half expected Caliburst to come back in but instead, he was met by Overhaul aand Ratchet. Euroscope frowned, "I thought you weren't going to allow any visitors, Overhaul."

Overhaul returned Euroscope's puzzled expression, "There weren't any, Euroscope. Rathcet and I have been standing beside the door this entire time. No one came in."

"That's impossible. What about Caliburst?"

"Caliburst?" There was a genuine trace of confusion in the senior medical officer's voice and Euroscope decided to drop the subject, a strange sensation creeping up the length of his spinal strut. "Forget it," Euroscope replied, waving his hand, "It's nothing."

Ratchet narrowed his optics, "Overhaul told me that you were neglecting to take your daily doses of Energon, kid. I was a bit apprehensive on your physical condition but judging you now, I think it's time you took a couple pints, don't you think?"

"I don't want to."

Ratchet scoffed, "Last time I checked, I outranked you, Euroscope. It isn't wise to object to a direct order." A determined look crossed his faceplates, "I've dealt with bots a lot tougher than you. If you keep resisting, I'll have no choice but to-"

"Save the threats for later, Ratchet." Euroscope glanced in surprise at Overhaul, who had an almost irked expression on his face. "Remember, we've got work to do."

"Work?" Euroscope furrowed his optic ridges in apprehension.

Overhaul nodded, "Yes. It's time for Climaxx's procedure, I've asked to Ratchet to oversee it."

Euroscope glanced at the red mech in question and the CMO gave a terse nod of affirmation, acknowledging his colleague's comment. Overhaul continued, "I suggest you take care of yourself for now, Euroscope and let Ratchet get to work."

The silver mech tensed, "Are you sure that's wise? It's too soon. Climaxx still needs time to recover from-"

"If we wait any longer, her body will heal inadequately. Her spinal strut is broken in multiple locations in her lower back, if we don't fix it, she could end up losing the use of her legs."

The last comment seemed to bring Euroscope out of retorting and he hastily shut his mouth, his lips pursing in the process. He cast a troubled glance at his pedes and his fists clenched at his side. 

He knew the damage was bad. 

But he never imagined it was that bad.


What in Primus' name had happened to her and Silverwing down there? To cause so much damage to the both of them...Euroscope narrowed his optics. He had to get to the bottom of this. Climaxx was going to wake up eventually, as Caliburst stated, and when she did, she was going to want some answers. 

Might as well contribute some when she comes to. 

Nodding once, Euroscope took a step aside and he walked towards the exit, leaving the two medics to deal with his ailing sisterbond. The main room of the makeshift medical bay was busy with activity and Euroscope winced as the silence of the room was replaced with the loud commotion of working medical practitioners. Bots whizzed by with cots that held injured Autobots and the smell of antiseptics and fresh Energon burned Euroscope's nostrils slightly, despite the fact that he had grown accustomed to it nearly two vorns ago.

His optics drited around the room, attempting to catch sight of the striking orange frame of the so called mysterious Caliburst but he could not find anything remotely close to resembling it. Except perhaps a scarlet paint job that was among the masses in the entrance.



Euroscope glanced over towards the entranace of the medical bay and his breath nearly caught in his throat when he noticed who it was that was causing all the havoc. A few mechs were barring the path of a mech who was moving at incomprehensible speeds; to them, he was moving too fast for them to see clearly but Euroscope, having gotten accustomed to it after vorns of working with the scarlet speedster, could see it as if he were moving in slow motion. 




That's all there was. 

Excruciating pain that seemed to only intensify as time went by; no inch of her was free from the torture. Her arms, her legs, her helm, even the tip of her pedes were throbbing. 

All she could remember was facing against the big Decepticon on the battlefield and then....nothing. There had been a gunshot and then a wave of coldness followed by intangible darkness. It surrounded Climaxx like a blanket, locking her in a dark abyss that seemed to close in on her from every angle, leaving her floating in the seemingly vast expanse between time and space.

However, after some time, a single speck of light appeared in front of her. It was small at first but then it began to reach out towards her and suddenly she found herself thrust forward and her sight momentarily faded in a blinding flash of light.

Her pedes touched a hard surface and Climaxx's optics snapped open in response. Her legs shook a little from the impact and she took a few steps forward in an attempt to steady herself. 

Her optics shuttered a few times, attempting to accommodate to the sudden brightness of her surroundings. She stiffled a scoff of amusement; it went from total darkness to a completely white landscape, bright and unnaturally sanitary. 

Oh, the irony.

"Well...Took you long enough."

The voice nearly caused Climaxx to stumble in surprise and she glanced over her shoulder rapidly, a smile spreading across her lips as she saw who it was.

The Seeker was poised a few feet away from him, his iconic grin plastered cheekily on his faceplates. A flutter of joy went through her chest and Climaxx quickly turned her body around to face him.

"Silverwing..." Her voice went a little static on the last syllable. "You're alright."

Her bondmate shrugged, "That's putting it a bit too lively, don't ya think, Maxxie?" He gestured around him, "Look at where we are."

Climaxx rolled her optics, "How could I forget." Her arms crossed over her chassis. "We got our afts kicked by a bunch of 'Cons. Primus knows we're probably already...." She trailed off, the smile disappearing from her faceplates and her gaze dropping to her pedes. 

Silverwing chuckled lightly, "Always with the pessimism, Climaxx."

The femme looked up at him, "Where do you suppose we are then, 'Wing? I doubt this is the Med Bay back at Iacon."

Her mech took a few steps forward until his frame was just a few inches away from her; Climaxx's sparkbeat accelerated with his proximity but she managed to keep her steady facade.

Optic ridges raising in amusement, Silverwing asked, "Haven't I taught you anything, femme?"

Climaxx pursed her lips, feinting the facade of ponderer. "Oh I don't know. I do recall a few lessons of holochess, of flying even though I'm a permanently ground-based Autobot...."

"Okay, okay. Apart from that. Remember when I went to ask Euroscope about the kinks regarding bonding and he told me something about mental equilibrium where the two bondmates get to meet each other midway through the bond. Mentally if not physically..."

Climaxx nodded, "Yeah, you wouldn't shut up about it for megacycles."

Silverwing smiled, "Exactly." He paused, "Personally, I expected a rec room of some kind or even a bar with some Energon and High Grade....but you know how things are. You never get what you want."

A strange sensation spawned in Climaxx's vitals and she cast a questioning glance at her bondmate's optics. He purposefully looked away from her gaze by lowering his own. 

"That's...a strange thing to say, Silverwing. Even for you."

A small twitch of the corner of his lips was all that her mech offered in response. "What can I say, Climaxx? I guess that being in limbo gives you time to think a lot about things."

Climaxx bit her lower lip, "Limbo?"

Silverwing lifted his gaze and smiled at her, but this time his smile was a bit sadder. Regretful, almost.


"Did I ever tell you why I joined the Autobots, Climaxx?" 

Climaxx froze upon hearing the sudden change of subject but she quickly replied, "Yeah...It was because...of that event that happened in Praxus. The event in which Andestine was..." She trailed off, knowing it wasn't necessary for her to continue.

Silverwing nodded, "That's part of the reason but Ande wasn't the only thing that got me riled up for revolution." He paused, "It was my mech creator."


Nodding, Silverwing let out a reminiscing sigh. "Yeah, my old man. Y'know, he had this thing about war. He was a pacifist but yet was involved in almost half of the bar fights at Maccadam's." A small laugh escaped him, "He was against it from the start; he hated politics and he hated the politicians that riled up the population and put them against each other on political grounds. He never let me or my femme creator watch any debates nor did he let me talk to any of my friends whose creators were involved in such ideals. However, when my mother died, it changed him completely."
"Aura, my femme creator, she was a Space Bridge technician. Small and petite but smart as the supercomputers in Crystal City." A smile. "She was working a late shift and my mech creator thought it was a good idea that we both go over and deliver some fresh Energon pints for her since she had forgotten them at home. We went there eagerly; as we passed the central hub of the Space station, Megatron was giving one of his motivational speeches through the DataNet. My father stopped to listen and though I can't really remember much, I remembered him saying something about the middle caste. "They line up amongst the rats of the cities, pretending to be one while bearing the Sparks of the hounds that are oppressing us." 

Silverwing's optics began to glisten, "After that word, the Space bridge exploded in the exact section that my mother was working on. My father tried to shield me but when he caught sight of a couple mechs making a run for it, he left me behind and followed them." Climaxx felt her Spark throb when Silverwing let out a dreary sigh, "They were a couple of revolutionaries. Demention and Altrun. My father questioned them about their intentions and they spat in his face and said that they were merely spreading the word about the inevitable revoltution. 'Sacrifices had to be made,' one said, Altrun, I think it was. "Sacrifices for the greater good.'" 


Climaxx felt her chest tighten. Soundwave had said the exact same thing to her many vorns ago; when he had come into her compartment, posing as a client in need of her cultural investigation services, Soundwave had warned her of the Altihex bombing and that had been enough to let her get Drixco, Euro and Jumpdrive and the sisters out before the explosion. Her fists curled at her side and Climaxx swallowed back the vile that was rising up in her throat. That fraggin slagger....he had been behind it all. Everything, from the start. Her hatred for the Decepticon seemed to increase tenfold but she forced herself to remain calm.

Silverwing did not seem to notice her sudden flare up and so he continued. "My father began to pound the mechs into the ground; at first, I thought he was trying to wound them so they wouldn't get away when the authorities arrived but after a few nanokliks, Energon began to pool onto the floor...and my father did not stop. I would done something to stop him but I was suddenly afraid of him; Thyristor had this look on his face, and he seemed to be almost enjoying it. I remember the sound of his fist on their helms, of the sickening crunch as their processors were turned into dust and the splash of their Energon on my father's frame. It wasn't until I finally managed to scream out his name that he stopped and when he did, the look disappeared and he gazed at his handiwork in horror. Thyristor grabbed my servo with his bloody one and dragged me home, my mother forgotten." Silverwing paused, "He was never the same after that. Every night, he would leave the compartment and come home drunk, leaking Energon and stumbling around in a daze. Often times, one of his friends would carry him back and leave him on the threshold, completely in stassis. He no longer held to his ideals about pacifism or anything else again; if he was angry, he let himself do whatever he felt like doing and he did not hold any regrets."

"What happened to him?" Climaxx asked, though she knew full well what the answer would be. However, she did not know the full details were.

Silverwing replied, "He left one night and never came back. When I went out searching for him, I found him behind his favorite bar...dead. At first I thought he had drunken too much again, he was buried in a pile of crushed cubes but then I tried to move him and then I saw the blade in his servos and then the much Energon. It was then that I realized that he had done all of it to himself. My mother's death...eventually caught up to him and he couldn't take it anymore. War has other ways of injuring bots apart from the use of full on violence. I knew I wasn't the only kid to see his creators go out like that...but I sure as slag wanted to make sure I was the last." An amused huff escaped the mech and he shrugged, "So when Ande was killed, I guess I didn't need any more coercion. I joined the Autobots and here I am afterwards." 

Climaxx closed her optics as the story sunk in and she couldn't help but realize how similar it was to her own. Granted her creators had not victims of revolutionaries, they had been victims of the Guildmasters. Esmeryl had died protecting Climaxx when the mine they were working in had caved in and Hydrau had been forced to fight against a powerful opponent...just to settle a bet between two tycoons who ran the entire underground gladiator battle system. Victims of circumstance, if it hadn't been for the Guildmasters....then maybe they wouldn't have had to die so suddenly. 

Maybe...they'd still be with her. 

Climaxx grimaced. Maybe that was true but then they'd have to deal with the war and Climaxx knew neither of them would have been able to endure everything that she went through. 

Soft digits grasped her chin and Climaxx opened her optics to see into the gold depths of the mech she loved, which were filled with their usual sincerity and congeniality. 

Silverwing smiled kindly, "Hey, Maxxie. Don't make that face."

Climaxx shook her helm, "It's hard not to, considering the subject, 'Wing." 

Her mech laughed lightly and despite the circumstances, Climaxx couldn't help but let the sound of it put her at ease. It had a way of doing a ray of warm light, it pierced the veil of the darkness and made everything seem a little brighter. Climaxx didn't know what she'd do without him.

She took a small step towards Silverwing and stopped when her pede tips were just mere inches away from hers. The Seeker smiled at her proximity and cocked his head mischievously, "Couldn't resist, Maxxie?" His warm breath billowed in her faceplates and Climaxx rolled her optics in exasperation. "Don't flatter yourself, Silverwing."

"Ouch," Silverwing's wings lowered comically, his faceplates adopting a look of hurt. "That one actually hurt." 

Climaxx grinned and gave Silverwing a mock punch on the arm, "You big Sparkling. I was just messing with you." She felt her cheekplates begin to heat up when she then added, "You know I'd never say anything to hurt you." 

Silverwing's wing's perked up in response and then they lowered when an understanding look came up in his optics. Climaxx lowered her gaze, her servos rubbing her arms apprehensively. She expected Silverwing to say another one of his stupid jokes or bring up some embarressing innuendo but instead his arms wrapped around her and brought her with gentle force against his frame. One of his servos pressed against the back of her helm and the other settled into the nape of her back. 

Climaxx's optics widened and she felt her breath catch in her throat when Silverwing's husky voice came up in her audioreceptor. "I know," He whispered, referring to her last statement. "I know."

The femme closed her optics and buried her faceplates in the hollow of his throat, her arms wrapping around his midsection tightly. His frame was warm, as it always was, and the sound of his strong Spark rang loud and clear in her audioreceptors. The rhythm was steady and Climaxx swore she could have stayed there forever, listening to the mech's Sparkbeat; there was no other sound in the world that brought such a sense of tranquility to her. 

She was glad that she was with him. She wasn't naive; she knew that the both of them were probably already dead. Though the weight of that reality made her legs feel like dead weights, she was glad that she was going out with Silverwing. Euroscope and the others could carry on without her. Sure, they'd miss her and she them but Climaxx knew that they would understand. 

Euroscope would take care of Nightcrawler and Jumpdrive. 


The femme opened her optics, "Yes, Silverwing?"

The Seeker had grown a little stiff against her and Climaxx froze apprehensively, wondering what it was that he wanted to tell her. SHe tried to look up at him but his servos held her firmly in place.

"What is it, Silverwing?"

"You ever thought about having Sparklings?" The questions was a strange one but the sincerity lingering in the mech's tone made Climaxx treat with a strange sense of utmost importance. Spark twisting, the femme nodded once. "At first I didn't; when the war began, I always thought I'd go out in some stupid firefight or 15 kilowat explosion but then...I met you and I guess you can say I began to grow hopeful and I was able to imagine an end to the war. An end and a continuation of my own life." She sighed sadly, "Guess it was all for nothing, though. Life never gives us what we want, after all." Her arms tightened around Silverwing's frame and she closed her optics once more when the stinging sensation arose in them, threatening to spill the flood of coolant tears that had been quietly collecting. 

Silverwing smiled, his chin resting lightly on the top of her helm. "There you go again, Maxxie. I was imagining such a pretty picture and then you ruin it with your pessimism."

Climaxx bit her lip, "I'm sorry," She breathed, "It's a stupid habit." 

"Nah, it's okay." Silverwing replied, "Everyone needs a cold dose of reality every once in a while." His arms suddenly fell from her frame and Cimaxx glanced up at him, alarmed by his choice of words and actions. The Seeker was smiling at her but his optics were brimming with sadness, and strangely, with a hidden sense of a farewell.

Climaxx froze.

She knew that look. She'd seen it once before. It was the look her mother had given her before she....

"Silverwing, what are you saying?" Her sparkbeat rose in anticipation and when Silverwing lowered his gaze and took a step backwards, Climaxx felt her vitals clench in pain. 

Silverwing took a deep breath before glancing up at her and when his optics locked gazes with Climaxx, he offered her, her favorite crooked smiled of his. "It's going to be fine, Climaxx. You'll see."

Climaxx shook her helm, "Wing, wait-" She tried to take a step towards the mech but she found that she no longer had any control over her legs. They were frozen in place, as if she had stepped into hardened tar. Optics widening, Climaxx riveted her gaze back to Silverwing and her optic ridges furrowed in worry. 


"Forgive me," he said in a hard voice. "I'm doing the best I can over here." He took a deep breath and then said softly, "This isn't goodbye, okay? There aren't any goodbyes, not between us, Maxxie." His frame began to blur around the edges and Climaxx was acutely aware of the fact that the white abyss around them was beginning to increase in brightness; the bright light crept towards them slowly and then it began to nip at the tip of the mech's pedes, slowly reaching up his frame, erasing it in a bright aura of alabaster. 

Climaxx shook her helm, "Silverwing." She knew what was happening but she didn't understand why. Why? Why wasn't she moving? Why wasn't she able to hold onto him? Why, why, why?

Why was he leaving her?

Climaxx opened her mouth to let out one final desperate cry, to plead for Silverwing to come back but when she tried to scream out his name, nothing came out. She tried again...still nothing. She had gone completely mute. 


Climaxx could feel the coolant tears spill over her cheekplates and this time, she did not try to stifle them. All she could do was stand there like an idiot, staring at the smiling faceplates of her bondmate and watching as the bright engulfed him completely, leaving nothing in it's wake. The femme stared helplessly and when the light became too bright for her, she closed her optics, hugging herself in an attempt to protect herself from whatever the slag was happening. 

Voices, unfamiliar ones, began to stream through the air and the pain began to return again. A steady rumbling sounded around her and the ground beneath her began to shake slightly, slightly at first but growing more intense as each tremor passed. Climaxx's instincts told her to look for a way to get out of wherever she was but she had lost her will to do anything. 

Silverwing was gone. 

Why did she have to do anything? Slowly, the femme raised her faceplates to the sky, or at least where it would be and she tentatively opened her optics.

Climaxx didn't really know what to expect but what she didn't expect was the bright light that hung over her, hanging mere inches away from her face. The voices grew louder and suddenly, Climaxx began to smell the putrid smell of antiseptics and the sweet smell of fresh Energon.

Blinking slowly, the white abyss began to grow distorted and color began to seep into the forming crevices, taking the familiar shape of helms, chassis, moving servos and unfamiliar faceplates. The pain increased tenfold and Climaxx was tempted to let out a discomforted groan but she was unable to move her limbs. 

A pair of blue optics invaded her perspective and Climaxx groggily blinked, trying to bring them into clearer focus. They belonged to an unfamiliar mech, a navy blue one, and he had a gentle demeanor that told her that he was not a Decepticon. Once he locked his gaze with hers, his lips formed a coherent smile and they moved slowly, attempting to form some form of speech. Climaxx couldn't hear him clearly but she was able to read them. 

Welcome back, Climaxx. 

Spoils of War (Part Three)
Yup. Here's the other part of this little plot line. Honestly, I think I should publish these OC's bios before posting this one up since it takes place a few weeks before the Exodus occurs but meh. I'll post them up when I can. For now, enjoy this cryptic little piece. 

As for the part between Silverwing and Climaxx, I intended for the feels to be there but as you all my know, writing just isn't my thing. I had the entire scene mapped out in my head but getting it down on paper is harder than one might think. 

Anywho, all trademarks belong to their rightful owners. :)
Team Hiro by transformerfan10
Team Hiro
It's been a while since Ive posted anything on here so I decided to go with this sketch I did in Geometry class. As of late, I've been watching Naruto, thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to it, and I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every minute of it. Apart from the story, the evolution of characters as the series progresses, the animation, the morals and themes are handled eloquently and it's hard to find another anime that does these things with such brilliance. 
Anywho, as any loyal artist, I always find myself conjuring up random OC's depending on the series that I'm watching. Thus, these three kiddos were born. (From left to right): Misa Kimura, Iyeku Uchiha and Ryuu Nakamura. 

I haven't really mapped out their personal profiles that well yet but here are a few pieces of info for each:

Misa Kimura is an eccentric fifteen year old who is the quiet one of her shinobi squad; she tends to not look at people in the eye when she speaks to them or is being spoken to and has become famous for her simple yet relatively snide remarks that tend to tick even the most level-headed of people off. She has a habit of playing around with her chakra energy, usually focusing it into a visible sphere between her palms, and while most people think this is her way of showing off her skill, it's nothing more than a habit she forged during her childhood. She doesn't really care much about her physical appearance and thus is normally seen with either her shinobi uniform or a simple kimono. Despite being quiet, Misa is very aggressive in combat and she has a bad habit of either knocking out her opponents during training or angering them enough to do the same to her. Misa cares a lot about Iyeku and Ryuu, however and it is noticeable in the way that she always ends up making small trinkets for them or invites them over to her compartment for lunch. Not much is known about her past but the basic story is that she had an older brother named Hei who was a renounced Onbu member and two loving parents; however, all three of them were slaughtered by a rogue ninja who Hei had developed a rivalry with in the past years and Misa had been the only one to survive the tragic event. The rogue ninja was never found and her clan harshly shunned her out, afraid that if she remains with them then they too shall suffer the fate of her family. Due to this Misa is wary about making acquaintances but she has developed strong feelings for Iyeku, much to her disappointment. 

Iyeku Uchiha was the only child of his parents, who weere renounced jounin and thus expectations were set at very high measures. Iyeku was born with nearsightedness and has had to wear glasses since he was a toddler; despite this limitation, his parents enrolled him into the Academy at an early age and forced him to become one of the top students of his graduating class. He was unable to make any friends with his classmates because of his parent's strict regulations and time consuming teaching methods and thus lacks considerable social skills. He can be very awkward at times and his ignorance of his actions towards others made many students dislike him and he was bullied throughout much of his schooling days. Iyeku was unaffected by his classmates remarks mainly due to the fact that he was easily able to overpower them all during training exercises with the utmost ease. Once graduated and put into Team 8 along with Misa and Ryuu under the supervision of their sensei, Hiro, another Uchiha, Iyeku began to lose his ignorance and his social skills slowly improved immensely. He's a skilled shinobi but he lacks control over his sharingan, which tends to appear whenever he is angered or stressed. Iyeku generally likes his squad members but he has little patience for Ryuu's constant chatter and pranks. Misa is an enigma but he cannot deny the fact that she is an amazing cook and he is the first one who readily accepts all lunch offers without a second thought. 

Ryuu Nakamura is the chatterbox of his squad. Voracious and extremely outgoing, not a moment passes when Ryuu isn't nagging at Iyeku or trying to convince Misa to invite him to lunch or asking Hiro to let them go out on an A-ranked mission. His desire to speak and be heard can be labeled to be on the verge of psychotic. However, Ryuu is a skilled ninja when it comes to taijutsu and ninjutsu and thus his chatter is usually forgiven due to his effectiveness. Ryuu is the youngest child of five brothers and the least skilled of them all. He was supposedly never going to train as a shinobi but he managed to convince his father to let him attempt to become a shinobi; however, Ryuu had to receive his training from his elderly uncle and was not allowed to enter the academy until a later age. When he finally got into the Academy, Ryuu was easily able to learn the basics and he graduated with the second best scores, second only to Iyeku. Due to that, Ryuu has become extremely competitive with Iyeku and the two push themselves to overcome the other. Iyeku follows along, knowing full well that the reason why Ryuu pushes himself is not only to be the best but also to be recognized by his father. Traumatized by the rejection of his parents, the fear of being forgotten lingers in the depths of his eyes and he desperately strives to overcome his inner turmoil.


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Hey! Hi to all new or old...lets get this intro over with, shall we? FYI: Hablo espanol tambien. :)

My name is Mariana, but everyone calls Mana. I am a die hard fan of Transformers; loyal 'Con, of course and I love to draw those amazing robots in disguise.
Now, a little more about me....
Im 15 years old(but who cares, y'know?) and if i could describe myself in a couple of words it would be: reserved, compassionate, loyal and ambiguous.
I have a very colorful mind but am rather hesitant to share it...I am not what you might call a popular social butterfly, but i do enjoy meeting new people. I also have a tendacy to forget things...
I have a passion for art and am currently residing upon having a career in the colorful world of either a graphic designer or an artist.
I have a little of Orion Pax in me(I have a thirst for knowledge and tend to ask a lot of questions, unfortunately for me...) so be prepared to be bombarded with questions at times. :D
I am an athlete and play all of the sports excluding hockey and golf(if that even counts as a sport).
Above all, I am open to anyone and am glad to respond to anything, whether it be a critique or a compliment, and normally try to be good natured about either.
And most importantly, Transformers are my life. I live breathe and think transformers(literally). Im still a newb when it comes to drawing but Ill probably get better..with time. Or never. Whichever comes first.
Thanks for visiting my profile!

Now some in depth information bout my preferences....
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Currently, I am sick as a dog, but do anticipate a follow-up from myself to hopefully justly adddress your birthday. 'Till then,

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