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:: Playing God :: by dreamylittlethings

This is a beautiful piece of art; it has it's own aura of energy radiating from the posture of the hand, which emanates a feeling of ba...

Rapidflash by Wooden-Flashlight

First of all, the anatomy is well done. I can imagine where each part of the vehicle goes while he is in protoform with a simple look. ...


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My gallery! Full of Transformers, Sega and Soul Eater! Please take a look, I guarantee you wont regret doing so!!! :please:
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Just Like Old Times by transformerfan10
Just Like Old Times
I've always imagined what Euro, Jumper and Maxxie would look like after an infiltration mission gone wrong and this came up. I've gotten a little rusty drawing them in bot mode so I decided to draw them in human form. 

There's Jumper running for the heck of it, Euro scared out of his frame and Climaxx analyzing the skill level of their attackers. Quite the sight. :)
Looky What I Found... by transformerfan10
Looky What I Found...
“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” ~Sarah Dessen

Here's another pair of my OC's, this time being Silverwing and Climaxx. These two are one of my youngest pairings, their ages ranging around the mid twenties. Apart from Backfire and Euroscope, 'Wing and 'Maxxie have a pretty strong bond. They're complete opposites of each other but it's like they say, opposites have the tendency to attract. 

These two met in the middle of the war and thus they were never really able to form any pleasant and peaceful memories during their time together but despite the brevity of their union, they can confidently say they had a helluva run together. It produced a cute little femme, after all, and nothing tops that off. 

Silverwing isn't really the type of guy who likes to spend his time at a library, he'd rather be out fighting or taking a patrol along the most dangerous borders surrounding Autobot territory. However, the one thing this mech loves more than action and adventure is Climaxx and for her he is willing to do absolutely anything. He knows she has a thing for the Original 13 lore and he likes helping her out by looking for books or datapads relating to that particular subject. Climaxx greatly appreciates his efforts but often times she gets too caught up in her research to notice. 

Maxxie is the serious and reserved of the two but she has a pretty good sense of humor that is normally kept under lock and key. Silverwing, obviously is the lively one and even though he gets on Climaxx's nerves from time to time and vice versa, their contradicting personalities bring out the best in each other. Silverwing balances out Climaxx's tendency to be serious all the time and Climaxx in return helps Silverwing mature a little in many different aspects. 

I really didn't map out their affection quite too well in this drawing but it gives one an idea of how they get along most of the time. Silverwing protectively looms over Climaxx but manages to give her enough space to be able to do her work and Silverwing likes nothing more than seeing his favorite femme doing the thing she enjoys most of all: investigating alien cultures.

Silverwing and Climaxx belong to moi.
Transformers belong to Hasbro.
Let Me Warm That Up for You by transformerfan10
Let Me Warm That Up for You
“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” ~Neil Gaiman

I think the quote above describes these two quite nicely. I've been cruising through DA and I kinda got inspired after seeing so much of dis stuff and so I decided to draw some love featuring my two OC's, Euroscope and Backfire. 

EuroFire isn't really a thing, with the two joining opposing sides during the war and then trying to annihilate each other in battle (in Backfire's case, of course) but the bond these two have is pretty special. I truly truly adore these two; they complement each other so well. It makes me sad that these two never made it past the end of the war, as a couple, but their story really wouldn't have much meaning if they did. They loved each other dearly when they were together in Crystal City and would have done anything to make the other happy even if it meant shrinking the planet's star and giving it to the other in a small containment field. Their bond is greater than that of friendship and love and even during their time of turmoil and dissension, they still harbored a soft spot for one another deep down in their Sparks.  

Backfire was there for Euro when he stumbled into the city, lost and alone and recently suffering the death of his entire family unit back in his home city of Kaon. She was a pillar of support for him and she basically gave him another reason to keep on going despite the hardships that he suffered in the past. 

In return, Backfire got herself a companion that shared her vast intellectual capabilities (which had made her an outlier among her friends and family and even amongst her colleagues in the Assembly) and dutifully enjoyed her tedious lectures on chemical engineering. 

These two complement each other so well and though they had to endure Hell to finally be able to meet each other, they wouldn't have had it any other way. 

:heart: Euroscope and Backfire belong to moi.
Transformers belong to Hasbro. 
REF Climaxx by transformerfan10
REF Climaxx
I've been messing around with Climaxx's design and I decided this one makes her seem more like herself. She looks more nimble now and there's no doubt that she's both graceful and powerful. Her previous design made it look as if she had freakin' lead weights for legs and I didn't really feel so comfortable keeping her like that. 

Oh and one more thing: the writing on her left leg is the word 'strength' in Cybertronian. She imprinted it onto her alloy after Nueron's death as a way of demonstrating that she was and always will be strong enough to endure any hardship that comes her way. 

She's my bae, the very first OC I ever created and I think she deserves that and much more. 

Anywho, here's Climaxx or Maxxie for short. I'm also redoing her bio a bit so here it is:


Designation: Climaxx
Nickname: Maxxie, Maxx 
Age: 23
Gender: Femme
Voice Actress: Scarlett Johansson
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Cultural Investigator; Infiltration
Alternate Earth Mode: Mercedes SLS AMG
Weapon of Choice: Vibroblades 

Current Status: ONLINE

-Tends to let her emotions cloud her judgement
-Relies mostly on her strength than her speed

-Physically, Climaxx is stronger than the average mech thanks to her time working in the underground mining facilities of Kaon.
-Battlefield savvy
-Charismatic orator
-Skilled sword wielder

-Arm wrestling
-Her weapons of choice
-When everything goes as planned
-High Grade
-Oil baths
-Investigating alien cultures

-The overwhelming feeling of helplessness
-Being left out of any tactical meetings
-Being lied to

"Face it, the only time we'll see the end of this war is when we die."
"I can't let you do that."
"Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our Spark, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we can never be free."
"Pain is a part of us, Jumpdrive. It reminds us of our vulnerability, of our state of being. It's an amusing paradox, if you stop to think about it. It reminds us that we're alive."
"Why did it have to come to this?"
"I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist."
"Whether you are enthused by scientific techniques, or the agency of material things; whether you like getting your hands dirty during excavation or would prefer to learn about ancient history from the safety of a lecture room, archaeology has the ability to stimulate, challenge and excite. It's very interesting but unfortunatelty, Inertia, some bots lack the processor needed to experience such sensations."

Climaxx is the most eccentric femme one could ever hope to be acquainted with. Easily offended and brutally honest, Climaxx rarely leaves room for empathy when it comes to the truth and finds it best to be straightforward and to the point. She has little patience for those who complain and tends to treat those that do with as much harshness as the Autobot tenet code allows. Despite her lack of leniency, Climaxx is genuinely considerate of all life. Like Euroscope, she believes in helping others and would sacrifice her life to defend her friends; she believes in the fact that she is a simple soldier and a soldiers death is a worthy enough format of flatlining in her book. Climaxx also possesses natural leadership abilities and is a capable commander on the field, but unfortunately her covert humbleness prevents her from recognizing her ability.

Climaxx was sparked in the pits of Kaon by simple miners Hydrau and Esmeryl. Born as a low caste, Climaxx began to work at a young age in the mines with her creators and she had little to no time to play with any of the other younglings in the sector where her family unit's living compartment was located. Such work and isolation caused her to develop a serious attitude and her frame becoming increasingly sturdy and strong from all the hard labor that she endured. 
When her carrier perished in a mining accident, Climaxx showed little remorse for the event and was quickly able to move on with her life. She developed a strong bond with her mech creator as she grew older and developed a healthy conscious thanks to his rigorous teachings; unfortunately, Hydrau was killed during his final Pit match by Megatronus and that left Climaxx to fend for herself with nothing but her creator's meager life savings. 

Climaxx traveled around Cybertron in hopes of gaining a worthwhile occupation and she managed to kindle her interest in literacy and history by becoming a cultural investigator. Such an occupation had Climaxx on the move for the majority of the time but she always managed to find herself back in Iacon, the city which she adopted as her home shortly after leaving Kaon behind. Once there, she became good friends with a mechanic named Axel who was kind enough to offer her a permanent residence in his shop with a lenient tenant rent rate.

One night after arriving back in Iacon from an investigation in Hecron, Climaxx went to the Hall of Records to do some recreational studying on the Thirteen original Primes before leaving to meet another potential client; there she met Euroscope and the two of them began a congenial conversation that ended with more than a few rounds of Visco in Maccadam's Old Oil House. While she was there, Climaxx was also able to meet Nightcrawler and Quicksilver, two blossoming engineers visiting the renounced bar from Praxus, as well as Drixco, a part-time bartender and comedian who worked diligently in Maccadam's and Altihex Casino and was also a good friend of Euroscope's. 

Climaxx unwillingly became a part of the revolution racking Cybertron when she agreed to help a revolutionary named Soundwave by bombing Altihex Casino and destroying millions of high caste lives. However, when the revolutionaries known as Decepticons showed their true colors after the hearing of Orion Pax and Megatron with the High Council, Climaxx turned her back on Soundwave and such actions sparked a covert hatred between herself and the Decepticon communications officer. Soundwave went after Climaxx's friends in retaliation; he managed to eliminate Drixco but was unable to destroy Euroscope, Quicksilver and Nightcrawler for they fled after hearing of Drixco's death.

As Nuetrals, the band of refugees traveled from Iacon to Praxus and Vos and Tarn, striving to avoid the war that was tearing the planet of Cybertron apart. Along the way, Climaxx and her companions met Jumpdrive and adhered him to the group while they were taking refuge in the city state of Tarn but a Decepticon bombing of the city quickly forced them to resume their run on the roads. 

The following destruction of Crystal City brought forth the worry and despair of Euroscope, who had left his bondmate Backfire behind in hopes of having her escape the turmoil. Climaxx and Jumpdrive volunteered to look for her after the city was destroyed but their quest proved to be fruitless when they discovered that the femme had joined the Decepticon ranks after being rescurred by Shockwave, who had found it logical to do so due to her invaluable experience in the field of chemical engineering.

Euroscope's grief at his bondmate's betrayal eventually led them to join the Autobots, where the group was able to find a shred of purpose in the war.

After finishing basic training, Climaxx became acuainted with a veteran mech named Nueron who took a special interest in her training; the ld mech became a sort of father figure to her and helped earn her a permanent place among the Autobot ranks. Nueron went MIA afterwards and a mission led by Ironhide soon revealed that Climaxx's mentor had been captured by the opposing faction and sadistically tortured to death along with several other Autobot prisoners in an abandoned warehouse facility in Polyhex. 

Nueron's death fueled Climaxx's hatred for the war and made her even more dedicated to ensue the end of the Civil War that had taken the majority of bots that she held dear.

She entered a phase in which she did not nothing but train and participate in as many Autobot infiltration attacks as she could and she adopted a cold demeanor that rivaled that of the sociopathic Sunstreaker. However, a mech named Silverwing, who had always admired Climaxx's immaculateness, decided to approach her and he managed to place a few cracks in the solid barrier that Climaxx had weld around herself. 

The relationship between Climaxx and Silverwing was unsettling at first, but the congenial mech stubbornly managed to find a way into Climaxx's spark and claim it as his own. The mutual attraction between the two was sealed with their permanent bondage as bondmates but unfortunately, as such in times of war, their time together did not last very long.

The two were sent out to investigation suspicious Decepticon activity near the border of Hecron and were victims of a dreadful ambush instituted by a delusional mech named Argyrus; the two of them were able to defeat the attackers and call for assistance, but unfortunately, Silverwing's injuries were fatal and he offlined before he reached the operating table of the medical bay. Climaxx's survived but suffered the amputation of both her legs and had to go through intensive physical therapy to regain full control of her newly replaced limbs.

Eventually, Climaxx was able to return to active duty and she fought the rest of the war on Cybertron and on Earth valiantly. However, at the end of the war, she deserted her comrades and took to the stars, leaving nothing but a vague message stating that she had gone looking for some peace of her Spark.

To this day, no one knows of her whereabouts but there are a variety of rumors flying around of her location; some say she settled down on the planet of Gigation, where she is now studying the ancient foreign culture that lies buried beneath multitudes of mdern cities and rocks...others say that she finally found peace and has been reunited with Silverwing once again. But of course, no one truly knows of her whereabouts. And that's just the way Climaxx prefers for it to be.

-Hydrau: Climaxx's mech creator. A low caste miner by day and a renounced gladiator in the pits of Kaon, Hydrau was always tough as nails and a bit rough around the edges. However, he always held a soft spot for his fembot creation and worked diligently to instill a solid set of principles in her ethical coding as a sparkling, especially since he was forced to take on the mantel of a single creator when his bondmate perished in a mining accident. Climaxx respects her mech creator deeply and can often be heard repeating several of his quotes and lectures when appropriate.

-Euroscope: One of Climaxx's first and truest friends. They met a few vorns before the commencement of the war in the Hall of Records; Climaxx was researching the original Thirteen while Euro looked for some valuable intel for a thesis he was drafting on metallurgy. ALbeit they're entirely different in dispositions, they are as combatible as light and dark. Climaxx considers him a brother and looks up to him as such; Climaxx tends to look to him for advice and always takes everything he says into serious consideration. 

-Jumpdrive: This mech and Climaxx were brought together by mere circumstance, but if you ask either of them, they're both glad that they were. A younger brother to Climaxx, she tends to be cynical when referring to him but nobody doubts the affection that she has for this young hot-headed racer from the rugged streets of Tarn. 

-Nueron: Climaxx's mentor. This mech took a special interest in Climaxx upon seeing her impressive strength and took her under his wing, becoming a father-figure to her and showing her the ropes and molding her into the dedicated entity that she is today.  

-Nightcrawler and Quicksilver: Climaxx met these two sisters in a bar in Praxus but the moment they met, there was an instant spark of friendly attraction between the three and they have been together since the commencement of the war. 

-Silverwing: Climaxx's loyal and reverend bondmate. At first, she had little patience for the cocky Seeker and would turn every attempt of flirtation of his down without the slightest twinge of empathy or pity. However, after several missions together, Climaxx began to warm up towards him and they began an intimate relationship which eventually ended with their bonding as sparkmates. Such a connection forced the two of them to mature, Silverwing especially, but it was tragically cut short after the two of them were victims of a Decepticon ambush near the outskirts of Hecron. Climaxx honors many of his beliefs and tries to act in ways that she believes he would approve.

-Swerve and Pyro: Climaxx has worked with these two weapon specialists sporadically and albeit she finds Pyro to be a pain in the aft, she respects the two of them because of their knowledgeable expertise in their field of weaponry. Keeping on good terms with them earns her a lot more chances to receive free upgrades on her own handheld weaponry, after all.

-Argyrus: This mech suffered from the Alchemical Virus and his infection resulted in the degeneration of his logic processors, making him confuse Silverwing for another bot who wronged him in the past. This mishap led to Argyrus hunting down both of them and eventually killing Silverwing. Climaxx was enraged when she learned all of this and went after him once the war was finalized on Earth. Her investigation lead her to the run down Garrus 9 stronghold, where Argyrus was holed up, awaiting a death that was not far from arriving. The two of them fought and Climaxx was able to overpower him but she never dealt the finishing blow to him. Climaxx sympathizes with his past and despite her fury towards him, managed to forgive him for everything that he had done. Regardless of what others might think, Argyrus greatly changed Climaxx and made her realize the importance of thoroughly investigating matters of doubt. 

-Aura: Climaxx and Silverwing's creation; Aura was created a few cycles before her father's death and she barely managed to survive Climaxx's near death experience. Climaxx did not know that Aura's Spark was present inside of her until after Overhaul did a full medical scan of her and revealed the information to her. Climaxx was able to keep her presence a secret until she suffered a grave injury and was forced to ask Euroscope to treat her creation. Aura possesses the vast intelligence and natural curiosity of her femme creator and the free spirited congeniality of her mech creator. Climaxx gets along relatively well with her but the two of them often clash over who is going to be the greatest cultural investigator in the universe. 

-Micah and Finder: Her nonbiological niece and nephew; Euroscope and Quartz' creations enjoy meeting Climaxx whenever they have the chance to and aside from Climaxx and Aura themselves, they're one of the biggest fans of Climaxx's archaeological recollections. They both idolize her because of her freedom and aspire to one day gain that same freedom in the future.

-Inertia: Climaxx's nonbiological nephew; Jumpdrive's creation is the exact opposite of his mech creator and that one sidedness resulted in him having an interest in paleontology rather than racing. Due to this, Inertia enjoys Climaxx's lectures more than anyone else and he aspires to be just like her in the future. It doesn't really put him on such good terms with Jumpdrive but at the least everyone is at ease knowing that Climaxx is a positive influence. 


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Mariana Landeros
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Hey! Hi to all new or old...lets get this intro over with, shall we? FYI: Hablo espanol tambien. :)

My name is Mariana, but everyone calls Mana. I am a die hard fan of Transformers; loyal 'Con, of course and I love to draw those amazing robots in disguise.
Now, a little more about me....
Im 15 years old(but who cares, y'know?) and if i could describe myself in a couple of words it would be: reserved, compassionate, loyal and ambiguous.
I have a very colorful mind but am rather hesitant to share it...I am not what you might call a popular social butterfly, but i do enjoy meeting new people. I also have a tendacy to forget things...
I have a passion for art and am currently residing upon having a career in the colorful world of either a graphic designer or an artist.
I have a little of Orion Pax in me(I have a thirst for knowledge and tend to ask a lot of questions, unfortunately for me...) so be prepared to be bombarded with questions at times. :D
I am an athlete and play all of the sports excluding hockey and golf(if that even counts as a sport).
Above all, I am open to anyone and am glad to respond to anything, whether it be a critique or a compliment, and normally try to be good natured about either.
And most importantly, Transformers are my life. I live breathe and think transformers(literally). Im still a newb when it comes to drawing but Ill probably get better..with time. Or never. Whichever comes first.
Thanks for visiting my profile!

Now some in depth information bout my preferences....
You say Optimus Prime
I say Megatron
You say Autobot
I say Decepticon
You say Peace
I say Destruction
You say Protect and Serve
I say Punish and Enslave
Put this on your page if you are a true 

|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l |^^^^^^^^^^^^| l
[ AUTOBOTS________ | | ROLL OUT 2 OBLIVION| |”"”;..,__.
[……________===== | l______________l _| |__|…, ] _|
“(@)’(@)”""""""""""*l'(@)l'(@)l """""""""""""(@)'(@)""""'(@)


:heart: :iconmelanblueplz: Melan Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Brigadoon:Kuston Stamp 1 by kiananuva12 Marin and Melan Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Brigadoon:Melan Stamp 1 by kiananuva12 Brigadoon:Pyon Stamp 1 by kiananuva12
Stamp: Jet Judo by The-StarhorseSunny Crack Stamp by Vampiric-ConureSideswipe stamp by Vampiric-Conure TF Girls stamp by Metallikato Elita and Optimus by GeminiGirl83 Mad Scientist Ratchet by GeminiGirl83 Mass Effect Romance Stickers set 1 by TerinAngel No One Left Behind Stamp v.2 by Leyne Archangel STAMP by AirieFeristo Mass Effect Stamp: Garrus by Karithina Team Garrus Stamp by theglittereyedsheep Garrus Stamp by IndigoWolfe

Chromedome x Rewind stamp by marianasumdac Kakashi Stamp 01 by Rika24 Kakashi stamp by MariaPereira Stamp - Kakashi by Renkashi Stamp - Kakashi Gaiden by AshiAshi

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