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:: Playing God :: by dreamylittlethings

This is a beautiful piece of art; it has it's own aura of energy radiating from the posture of the hand, which emanates a feeling of ba...

Rapidflash by Wooden-Flashlight

First of all, the anatomy is well done. I can imagine where each part of the vehicle goes while he is in protoform with a simple look. ...


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"Instead of making excuses for being late all the should come here eariler." Climaxx knelt down to gaze at the small plaque, her optics narrowed as she studied the intricate calligraphy.
Jumpdrive clenched his fists, "I did. I've been here since dawn." His dental plates ground together as a lump formed in his throat and he could feel his optics stinging with tears.
His sister slowly turned her helm to glance up at him but Jumpdrive had already turned his back to her, his frame stiff with emotions. "Most of the time, I forget about what life was like before we came back here. It's a distant memory now, as if it were a bad dream that happened once and never came back again." He paused, "I come back here to remind myself of those times. This place...reminds me of all the things I've done. Good...and bad. I've committed so many mistakes and I can't let myself ever forget that. I'm a changed bot, Climaxx. But deep down, I'll always be the hyperactive knucklehead that refused to abide by the rules. The one who allowed himself to be manipulated...that allowed himself to be loved....and the one that allowed himself to fall in love." Jumpdrive smiled lightly, a small huff of amusement blowing out through his nose. He glanced over his shoulder, allowing Climaxx to see only a portion of his profile. "I know I should let it all go but a wise bot once said that letting go isn't the same as forgetting. I allow myself to remember because I want to. Because I need to." He turned his faceplates in the direction of the exit, "Anyways. I guess I better get going. My students don't like to be kept waiting, after all." He took a step forward to leave but paused and asked, "Hey, by the way. How's old Gramps doing? I heard he and Quartz got a couple kids to keep their hands full."
Climaxx smiled, "Yeah. A mech and a femme. Twins. Micha and Finder." She gazed up into the beyond, her thoughts drifting towards her older brother. 
Jumpdrive smiled upon seeing the look on his sister's face, "That's good." His gaze softened, "How about you, Maxxie? How are you and Aura holding up?"
"Good. Aura is thinking about joining the New Cybertronian Air Academy. She says she'd like to be an instructor there. Someday." Climaxx's gaze clouded and she lowered it habitually, the name of her creation and the institute bringing back old memories. Jumpdrive replied, "Guess it runs in the blood, then. Like father, like daughter. Kid's one helluva flyer, I'll give her that much." He placed a servo on her shoulder, "Silverwing would be proud of you both, Maxxie. Encourage her and I'm sure she'll make something out of herself in the future. Bet on it." With that last farewell, he took a step forth and exited.
Climaxx watched her brother go, a faint breeze blowing across her faceplates as he zoomed out of the shrine at top speed. A cloud of dust rose and fell slowly, settling back into it's normal position. The femme smiled and turned her gaze back towards the plaque.

She let her fingers trace over the names, appreciating the small bumps that were the only physical reminders of bots that had given their lives to protect the ones they loved. Bots whose Energon had been split on the very soil beneath her pedes. Climaxx could feel her Spark tear in two as she read the list of names, each one more foreign than the one before it but yet so strikingly familiar. 
Then came the more familiar ones, ones that Climaxx had made sure stayed together during the creation of the plaque.
Climaxx felt her insides churn with emotion upon reading the second name and she leaned her forehead against the plaque, closing her optics and trying to hold herself together as a wave of emotions suddenly crashed against the barriers she had formed within the depths of her being, causing them to tremble and crack at the base. Her servos clenched into fists and she ground her dental plates together, mimicking her brother's famous expression of emotional repression. 
It's been years since she stepped into this place but she always made it sound to others as if it were routine for her to come there, acting as if being there was a blessing rather than a burden. 
The truth was that she had never even gazed at the structure after it was constructed in the heart of the city of Kaon. She had made every single beam and brick that held it together but she had never taken a step back to admire the fruits of her labor. Instead, she had turned her back on it and wandered off away, hoping to leave it behind her like everything else she had made.
Euroscope and Jumpdrive rarely kept in touch anymore, too caught up in their own lives to worry about the course hers was taking. They did send a note through the DataNet every now and then, but it wasn't the same...reading their words instead of hearing their voices. Feeling the hard surface of a datapad rather than the soft touch of their servos on hers, massaging them until they relaxed from the tension of everyday life.
Climaxx felt no ire towards her brothers, mainly because of the fact that their happiness was all that she had ever wanted and seeing them obtain it was enough to give her the strength to stifle her own suffering and carry on with her life. It wasn't hard to smile at every passerby she met on the street or laugh at the stupid jokes the bartender at Maccadam's told on a regular basis. She had been an infiltration specialist once during the war, so putting on false facades wasn't a difficult task for her to accomplish.
The thing that was hard, however, was gazing into the blue optics of her creation and managing to hold the contact while she spoke with her. It was hard to see the reflection of the mech she loved in there, mirrored to perfection down to the small twinkle in their depths and the crinkling around the edges .
Seeing Aura was like seeing a mirror that showed her everything she had lost...and would never regain. She tried so hard to forget it all. Silverwing, his demise, their bond, her team mates, her comrades...even the fact that a war had taken place on their home planet of Cybertron. 
But everyday the struggle to forget grew even more futile. 
She thought she had made her peace with it all after she had confronted Argyrus but it turns out that she had been playing herself as much as she played those around her. 
It was easy to lie others, but it was impossible to lie to herself. She knew the truth but battled to deny it. But it was a battle that she had already lost and had yet to face the fact of the reality.
Unless she went out like Chromedome and performed some weird neurosurgery, the truth would never leave. It would continue to haunt her until she died...or until she learned to embrace it.
Her dental plates bit into her lower lip and she felt herself tremble upon tasting the sickly sweet taste of Energon. Her helm shook sligtly against the plaque and her noseplate scrunched up as a small burst of inner anger began to erupt within her.
Enough was enough.
She had grown tired of acting and she, just like Jumpdrive, found herself needing to be in the vicinity of the small shrine. She had pushed all the memories down her throat and just like a bad case of indigestion, they were forcing their way back up, scratching her throat and causing a sense of undying pain in the depths of her Spark.
She thought she would be willing to forget but she couldn't.
She wouldn't.
Not anymore.
Stepping back, she placed her two digits against her lips and kissed them lightly, then within the same breath placed her two digits against the second name, making sure to leave them there for a good long while. Her fingers trailed across them and she smiled upon feeling the imprint beneath her alloy. The cool metal seemed to warm up beneath her touch and Climaxx smiled lightly, the corners of her mouth twitching into the start of a smile.
"It's been a while...." She breathed, letting her hands fall into her lap. Slowly, she reached into her subspace and took out the small cylindrical object she had kept hidden since Primus knows when. Her digits lightly dusted it off and she gazed at it intently, a sigh escaping her. Her digits curled around it protectively and she held it against her chestplate, feeling the strong gentle and rhythmic thumping of her Spark. She closed her optics briefly, taking a deep breath and trying to ease her frayed nerves and uneasy breathing. Finally, she felt her frame relax visibly and she rose slowly to her pedes, the memory stick still held close and dearly to her Spark. Her optics narrowed affectionately.
"It's been too long," She repeated. "Hasn't it, Silverwing?"
Yeah, don't know why I had the gall to write this little thing. I guess the moment for Maxxie just popped up for me as I lay in bed doing homework and it seemed like too good a moment to simply let pass by unnoticed. 
I'm one of the few that actually thinks the BOTSvsCONS war has a finale and I've always been curious to see how the bots are able to handle returning to their lives after living for centuries with nothing else but the thought of war. 
Climaxx is one of my OC's that suffers the most during the transition from war to peace, mainly because she had lost so many loved ones all in nearly the same lapse of time. She eventually realized that keeping things bottled up only makes things worse and meeting Jumpdrive kinda makes her realize that.
You can't forget about your past...but you can allow yours to reminisce it and remind you of the good things that occurred in it as well as the bad but more of the latter.  
Anyways, make with this what you will. :D

Climaxx, Jumpdrive and all listed characters belong to me.
Chromedome and Transformers belong to their rightful owners.
First arrival by transformerfan10
First arrival
"Weapon systems are down...the navigational computer is fried...and half of our Energon stock was lost in the crash. The only salvageable thing we have is the recharging berths...and maybe the communications grid if I put some effort into fixing it. Other than that-"
Euroscope paused in the middle of his search through the broken debris of what had been their ever faithful ship, Catalycon II, and gazed in the firection of Jumpdrive's pointing digit. 
His arms fell limp at his sides and a look of awe crossed his face upon seeing what the younger mech had been referring to.
Climaxx sat amidst the wet grass, her legs pulled up to her chest and arms haphazardly resting against them; her face was turned up to the glimmering night sky above and her optics were gazing peacefully up at the starry navy abyss. 
She had a tentative smile on her face, just a small lift of the corner of her lips, and yet it was enough to make both mech's sparks fill with extreme jubilation. 
All traces of anger and pain were gone from her facade and the creases that lined her optics seemed to dissolve in the gentle glow of the moon above them. The traces of war and battle seemed to glide off of her frame, revealing the jubilant Maxxie that had been before the civil war had begun. 
It had been a rare thing afterwards and the mere sight of it was rejuvenating.
Slowly, both mechs made their way towards their sibling, being very careful not jostle her out of her trance; Jumpdrive sat beside her on her left and Euroscope took his usual position on Climaxx's right. Their frames lightly brushed against her frame and the femme's smile seemed to widen upon the contact, as if it had been something she had been expecting since the beginning. 
Jumpdrive gazed up at the constellations above him curiously, his optics narrowing as he tried to make out the intricate patterns the dotted the navy expanse in a seemingly random format. Euroscope did the same, his lips pursed as he tried to identify a familiar star that would let him know their location. 
The word was spoken was so softly, it was barely audible but it jolted Euroscope out of his trance and forced him to look at Maxxie intently, his curiosity piqued. 
"Yes, Climaxx?"
Climaxx did not take her gaze away from the skies as she spoke but she did lean her frame against Euroscope's softly, supporting her spinal strut against his strong robust frame. 
"Are these the stars we saw back home? Back on Cybetron?"
The mech pondered the question for a minute but after a few nanokliks he shook his helm and replied softly, "No, Maxxie. These are entirely different constellations. It's this galaxy's own stars."
Climaxx was silent for a minute but afterwards she let out a sigh and said, "I thought so. Cybetron's stars aren't nearly as beautiful as these. I think these...are better than the ones we had back then."
She paused, "I like it here."
Euroscope smiled and nodded. "I do too." He replied, turning his faceplates to the heavens that were the subject at the time. "I do too..."
A small breeze blew through the small field, rustling the plants and vegetation that surrounded them at every turn. It whistled and howled like a wounded petrorabbit but it offered a strange sense of comfort to the atmosphere, calm and peaceful. 
Euroscope took out his datapad from his subspace and set it to scan the area for any communication grids that would put them in contact with the Autobot outpost stationed in their sector. As the small device began to blink with activity, Euroscope couldn't help but glance at Climaxx from the corner of his optics. 
The smile on her faceplates still lingered, lightly but surely. It was a sight Euroscope thought he would never have had the privledge of seeing again, not since the day Silverwing passed on all those vorns ago. 
Yet, there it was. That smile. That beautiful tentative smile that made Climaxx who she was; sensitive and compassionate on the surface yet fiercely strong and seemingly unbreakable beneath it. 
To everyone else, the stars may have been the most beautiful thing at the moment. But for Euroscope, it was that smile that Climaxx bore on her faceplates. 
That smile that had a glow of it's own and the glimmer of hope in her gold optics that shone brighter than any star in the night sky above them.
The datapad in his servo trembled and beeped silently. Euroscope glanced down to inspect it.
Connection found.

Yeah...the title basically says it all. Euroscope, Climaxx and Jumpdrive all arrived on Earth after the other Autobots and they had the privledge to land somewhere in Greenland, where they were able to see the stars and the beginning streaks of the Northern lights. You can tell how much of an impression such a sight had on them...I know for sure that I was just as amazed as they were.
Jumpdrive, Climaxx, Euroscope belong to me. Transformers and all other trademarks belong to their rightful owners, which is not me, no matter how much I wish it was.
Jumpdrive by transformerfan10
Designation: Jumpdrive
Nicknames: Jumper, Jump, 'Drive
Age: 17
Gender: Mech
Voice Actor: Jason Liebrecht
Allegience: Autobot
Function: Hyperactive speed devil and thrill seeker; infiltration specialist
Alternate Mode: Laferrari
Weapons: A4 pulsar cannon; grenades

-Relies heavily on his speed; if he is impaired in any way, he is pretty much helpless
-Lack of strategy
-His emotions tend to get the best of him in tough situations

-Quick reflexes
-Thick armor platings
-Visor offers increased optical magnification

-Lounging around the rec room
-Outpranking Sideswipe and Sunstreaker

-Being slow
-Being outmatched
-Enforcers (with a passion)

"I realllllly hate you......"
"You'll have to catch me first."
"Oh, you know, the usual, street scuffles with 'Cons, dazzling escapades of collapsing cities, just another day."
"You're gonna regret saying that, you fragger."
"I wish I knew....but I don't, so I really shouldn't worry so much about it."
"We're in this together....till the wheels come off."

Jumpdrive is the eccentric charismatic teenager that has serious issues with authority and a hard time letting others boss him around. Eager to react and slow to comprehend his course of action, Jumpdrive is the most impulsive youngster that was ever spawned. He has a tendancy to ignore those who talk slower than he does and does his best to evade any conversations that involve digging into the depths of his Spark for an answer. His carefree attitude can often be mistaken for arrogance but Jumpdrive is far from being that...he's just really good at what he does and he knows it.

Abandoned by his mech creator as a sparkling and then abandoned by his carrier after a bout of cybernosis left her physically weakned, Jumpdrive was forced to learn the ways of the Underworld by himself the hard way. Always having a passionate love for racing, Jumpdrive honed his skills as a speedster and took immense pride in his fast capabilities, always dreaming of one day competeing in the intergalactic races that took place in the city of Tarn.
He became good friends with a bot named Fastback, who took the young mech under his wing and gave him a roof over his helm to call home.
The two, sharing a passionate love for raicing, began to sneak into the Intergalatic Raceways and reveled in seeing their idols, Sidewipe in Jumpdrive's case and Blurr's in Fastback's, tear up the racetrack. During one of their little chirades, they bumped into a femme named Bumper who instantly falls heelpedes over helm for Jumpdrive; the two mechs let her tag along, maingly because she is a worker there and gives them tickets to go into the stands.
Jumpdrive, after a high punch of racing fever, decides to enter himself into one of the Intergalatical races; however, his debut turns sour when his systems malfunction and he crashes on the racetrack, openly humiliating himself live on thousands of networks.
The event leaves Jumpdrive angry and makes it easy for a tycoon named Typhoon to approach him; Typhoon, impressed by the mech's speed, offers Jumpdrive a place in his underground cartel on one condition: Jumpdrive has to bring him the head of a certain racer named Jetix, who has been avoiding payment of a debt he owes to the olden tycoon. Jumpdrive, eager to prove himself, obliges and delivers the gift to his superior.
Jumpdrive's life takes a dark but satisfying turn afterwards; learning the kinks of the universe's dirtiest form of racing, Jumpdrive became a lethal racer and his name put sneers on the faces of rivals and made Enforcers crack their knuckles in distaste. Pilfering from suppliers parts to upgrade his performance, Jumpdrive enhanced his appearance so much that his frame adopted a robust build that made his real age apprehensible.
After a few solar cycles, Fastback and Bumper ventured into the Underworld to search for their missing companion and the change they see in him both impresses them and disgusts them.
Jumpdrive convinces the two to join him and before long, the three find themselves on the most wanted list of the Cybertronian Beareau of Safety. High on his euphoria of success, Jumpdrive spurs a relationship with Bumper, albeit the two never do become bondmates.
A few cycles before the war for Cybertron begins, Typhoon is killed by Decepticons and Jumpdrive and his companions are forced to flee Tarn in order to escape persecution. Hiding out in the adjacent city of Vos, Jumpdrive plots a plan to retake back the sector of Tarn that they fleed but Fastback, fearing offlining, leaves with Bumper, stating to Jumpdrive that the universe does not revolve around a single being.
Jumpdrive, angered and saddened by Fastback's desertion, becomes a small time thief, using his speed to pilfer from the Decepticons and at times, the Autobots.
During a hesit, Jumpdrive finds himself cornerd and he runs into Climaxx and her family unit, who is taking shelter in a small abandoned miner's complex in Kaon. Climaxx manages to aid Jumpdrive in fighting off his pursuers. Ravished for company, Jumpdrive tags along with the group and eventually develops a brother brond with Euroscope and Climaxx.
When the unit joins the Autobots, Jumpdrive is at first reluctant but he eventually submisses and becomes an invaluable member of the Autobot team.
The young mech made many honorable appearances, such as in the battle of Praxus and the siege of Iacon.
When the mech Pyro was wrongly deemed a traitor and forced into hiding, Jumpdrive was ordered to hunt him down and offline him. Jumpdrive complied but upon hearing the mech's side, he found himself unable to pull the trigger and ends up not killing the mech. However, Pyro, knowing that if either faction captures him, he would not be shown mercy, coerces Jumpdrive to give him a mercy kill. Jumpdrive kills the mech and gives him a proper burial in the city of Praxus, where he was sparked.
Jumpdrive arrives on Earth shortly after the Autobots do and once there, he becomes friends with a human named Diego Herran, a disembodied teenager from El Paso, Texas who dreams of being a professional racecar driver. Becoming an older brother to the human, Jumpdrive protects him fiercly against the Decepticon forces on Earth and nearly offlines twice in the line of duty. However, Jumpdrive survives to see the end of the war and he stayed with the human until he died. 
This mech was one of the few that returned to Cybertron after the war finalized and he has taken up an occupation as a trainer in the renewed city of Tarn, choosing to help other ambitious racers achieve their dreams. 


Mera: Jumpdrive's femme creator; the young mech never really knew his mother very well but what little he recalls involves painful outbursts of pent up anger and overt hatred. Mera abandoned Jumpdrive shortly after her bondmate deserted her and she committed suicide not long after. Jumpdrive does not bear any feelings towards his femme creator but he has often speculated over how his life would have been different if his femme creator had been more willing to fight for the both of them.

Fastback: A brother in arms. This mech took Jumpdrive under his wing shortly after he was alienated by his creators and taught him the ropes of living on the streets as a single individual. His teachings were meant to implement morality into Jumpdrive but even he was unable to quench the hatred inside Jumpdrive and his persistence eventually led to Jumpdrive spiraling out of control.

Bumper: This femme never made it a secret that she had feelings for Jumpdrive and she always did her best to make him happy. Unfortunately for her, her feelings allowed Jumpdrive to easily manipulate her into doing dangerous things and she nearly perished a few times doing dirty work for the mech she deeply adored. Despite the danger, Bumper was fiercely loyal to Jumpdrive and she never let his hostility prevent her from carrying out his obligations because she was deeply in love with him. 

Climaxx: Jumpdrive's sister-bond; if it hadn't been for Climaxx, Jumpdrive knows for a fact that he surely would have ended up siding with the Decepticon faction during the war for Cybertron. Climaxx's ability to connect with Jumpdrive at an emotional level allowed her to understand his inner turmoil and due to that she was able to find a way to reconcil the feelings of hatred towards those that deserted him and eventually aid him in adopting a set of principles that gave him a sense of morality. Their extent of loss is unmistakably similar and the two of them depend upon each other to keep other just in their actions and sane at the emotional level, serving as pillars of support for each other. 

Euroscope: Brother bond; Jumpdrive always longed for an individual to look up to and he found that person in Euroscope, the older mech that serves as not only a mentor to Jumpdrive but also as a brother who is willing to protect him despite the circumstances. Albeit Jumpdrive is able to relate less with this mech, Euroscope's gift of compassion allows him to understand Jumpdrive enough to know what his basic needs are and the two are able to get along particularly well. 

Nightcrawler: Friend. Jumpdrive loves this femme dearly and he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her no matter the risks. He's not sure what it is that attracts him so much towards the young femme but many speculate that it involves reasons that are much much deeper than previously imagined. Some say it is her innocence that entices him but only he will ever know.

Quicksilver: Friend. This femme's no-nonsense attitude is a nice change of pace from the other bots' usually joking demeanors and Jumpdrive accepts her guidance and experience because this femme has proven more than once that she is willing to offer her resources whenever he is in need. 

Typhoon: This olden mech was a criminal lord, a tycoon and a murderer but he also served as a father figure towards Jumpdrive, though he rarely displayed his affection for him at all. Jumpdrive reminded Typhoon of himself when he was younger and that along with the young mech's speed was what drew him towards the eccentric racer but eventually, as the two began to work together, Typhoon found himself developing feelings towards Jumpdrive and he secretly provided him with all the necessities he required, attempting to deter him from placing himself in amy more reckless situations. Unfortunately, like many before him, Typhoon was unable to control Jumpdrive and he only managed to add more fire to the one already burning within the depths of the young racer's Spark. Typhoon was able to make up for his mistakes by sacrificing himself to save Jumpdrive from a Decepticon and sending him away from Tarn with the promise of a better future.
Have we met before? by transformerfan10
Have we met before?
Have we met before, you seem awfully familiar....

No. I think you're confusing me with some other femme.

I doubt it. I'd never confuse a face as pretty as yours. The name's Pyro. Team Delta.

...Uh...Solas. My name is Solas. Team Alpha.

Hm. So you run with the big crowd then? Say, I heard from some mech that Team Alpha just got back from an infiltration mission near to share any details?

That's classified, Pyro. 

Didn't seem like it. A floppy disk full of info on Dark-

Whose the mech who told you this?

Swerve. Know him?

Yes. He's my....colleague. 

Touche, he happens to be my friend. I wonder why he's never introduced us...

Yes, I wonder. Can you tell me where he is? I'd like to talk with him....

Sure! Right this way. You tell him whatever you need to say and then you can tell me about that infiltration mission....


This is the result of of a rigorous week at school, topped with numerous household chores and sprinkled with a bit of textbook homework over the weekend. I have no idea what became of this. I was supposed to be making a few crappy head sketches of my two lovebirds, Solas and Pyro, and this came out. 


Anyways, make of this what you will. I'm too lazy to make bio pages for these two, so you'll have to wait. 

Just for a bit of background info, this is always the deal with these two. Solas goes off on some important infiltration mission and she comes back to an intrigued Pyro who always ends up begging her for the classified details regarding her missions. If Solas refuses, Pyro goes off to find Swerve (who lacks a proper visual) and gets him drunk enough to spill the details.  

Obviously, that's how these two met and things started off from there. 

Solas gets exasperated with the antics but she loves both of her mechs all the same. Too bad for her, one of them ends up getting wrongly frames for treason and the other leaves her behind on Cybertron during the Exodus....

Whoops. Too many details. Ah, who cares. Enjoy and be ready for more! XD


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Hey! Hi to all new or old...lets get this intro over with, shall we? FYI: Hablo espanol tambien. :)

My name is Mariana, but everyone calls Mana. I am a die hard fan of Transformers; loyal 'Con, of course and I love to draw those amazing robots in disguise.
Now, a little more about me....
Im 15 years old(but who cares, y'know?) and if i could describe myself in a couple of words it would be: reserved, compassionate, loyal and ambiguous.
I have a very colorful mind but am rather hesitant to share it...I am not what you might call a popular social butterfly, but i do enjoy meeting new people. I also have a tendacy to forget things...
I have a passion for art and am currently residing upon having a career in the colorful world of either a graphic designer or an artist.
I have a little of Orion Pax in me(I have a thirst for knowledge and tend to ask a lot of questions, unfortunately for me...) so be prepared to be bombarded with questions at times. :D
I am an athlete and play all of the sports excluding hockey and golf(if that even counts as a sport).
Above all, I am open to anyone and am glad to respond to anything, whether it be a critique or a compliment, and normally try to be good natured about either.
And most importantly, Transformers are my life. I live breathe and think transformers(literally). Im still a newb when it comes to drawing but Ill probably get better..with time. Or never. Whichever comes first.
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ASDFGHJKL I am such a bad roleplay partner. D= I'm sorry it's taking so long, I'm kind of stuck at the moment. Have no idea what to do. :(
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Have a nice day • Elia ;P
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Happy late birthday! :airbornervmp: Yay 
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I'm sorry I'm taking so long with the RP, I've run into a bit of writer's block. :( But I promise, I haven't forgotten about it! 
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Happy Birthday, my dear friend! My sincerest wishes go out to you on your day and the hope that it treated you with the best a person as brilliant as yourself deserves. I've only known you
for a short time, but here's to the first of many birthday greetings from one friend to the cherished other!
Currently, I am sick as a dog, but do anticipate a follow-up from myself to hopefully justly adddress your birthday. 'Till then,

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